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  • Well??? Answer the question!!!

    Hmmm . . . don't think much of the art work, and what type of advertisement, exactly, was it used for?

  • "Every Inch A Real Smoke!"

    The mind is working overtime in its "boggling", dear viewers, for I confess, I find this "Skilled water sportsman" incredibly handsome and sexy . . . [from the Internet]

  • "Self Improvement" in Tennessee???

    Still, no doubt, some men in Philadelphia might have parted with $10 in order to have a chest wig . . . ;-)

  • Underwear for the "active" nab!

    Quite frankly, I do not know which of the suggestions are the worse . . .

  • Roy Rogers riding a long one . . .

    *sniff* Confirms my long-held suspicions.

  • The magnificent obsession

    Alternatively, he might perhaps have had a serious mental problem. Unless, of course, he had aspirations to be a waiter in an Italian restaurant.

  • "Queer Animals"

    I don't suppose the ant-eater thinks it is "queer".

  • "Queerie Queers"

    Sound like many "regal" types I have had the misfortune to come across during my long years.

  • A good read

    Somehow, I can not quite believe this title.

  • Every home should have a "Little Fairy"

  • "How soon is too soon?"

    Was the "Soda Pop Board of America" sponsored by dentists, perhaps?

  • Tasty treats from American cuisine at its finest (3)

    Oh dear.

  • Tasty treats from American cuisine at its finest (2)

    Ah, America' other great gift to the world - the TV Dinner! How utterly . . . nutritious; how utterly . . . appetising. And no washing up for mother!

  • Tasty treats from American cuisine at its finest (1)

    What could be more healthy than to offer her two children a veritable mountain of sugar coated donuts/doughnuts?

  • And how's the patient today?

    One can hardly believe that there were times when hospitals provided the facilities for patients to buy cigarettes!

  • Strictly for the birds

    Hmmm . . . Mr. Mr. Rubber Ducky is not going to like this one.

  • Father Aloysius Fortescue and his acolytes

    Father Fortescue (known to his close friends as "Fats") was the popular incumbent of the Catholic Apostolic Church of St. Marmaduke, Tallahassee. He introduced the obscure Illyrian Rite, which so captivated certain theatrical gentlemen of that fair city,…

  • The gullible tourist

    What a dork!

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