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  • Three shirtless US servicemen on a rock

    . . . as they are wont to do.

  • Five men on a beach

    I rather think they were Wehrmacht soldiers, so, statistically, at least one or two of them must have been naked!

  • Seven men perched on the rocks

    Possibly the only photograph I have uploaded today which might be suitable for public viewing. I defy any Ipernity censor to see any "rude bits"!

  • Five very affectionate US servicemen

    Could they possibly be seated in some sort of boat?

  • Handsome young US soldier in a skimpy towel


  • Sexy US soldier in a white towel

    What a great pity this photograph is so out of focus.

  • Anorexic US soldier

  • Sexy medic!

    I bet he had a wonderful bedside manner!

  • Wehrmacht soldier, calmly smoking his pipe, while undergoing some tonsorial readjustment

    Nice pec!

  • An awful job, but someone has to do it soldier!

    What ghastly jeans he's wearing!!!!

  • Inspection

    I AM intrigued by this photograph - are they soldiers, cadets, or what? The "instructors" are wearing white trousers/pants, shirts and black tie - were they perhaps members of a right-wing organisation during the 1930s? I would value any comments.…

  • Two sexy young US soldiers wearing towels

    Quite why they should be posing in what appears to be the middle of the parade ground . . . Knobbly knees, though - both of them!

  • One instinctively knows that he will be soon be losing that white towel . . .

    Not that I am implying anything other than sheer male camaraderie, of course!

  • Two US servicemen on their way to ablutions

  • Two US servicemen posing outside their tent

    What's the betting that towel was whipped off just as soon as the cameraman took this photograph?

  • Three towels

    What a cute little man in the middle!

  • A neatly-folded beach towel

    The holder of the towel is most comely, though appears to have "chicken legs".

  • Three sexy hunks wearing nothing but their smiles and white towels

    I have a feeling I may already have posted this one before. Still, I am sure some of you will welcome another view. I am hard-pressed to decide which of viewer's right I prefer. Decisions, decisions . . . the trials of a maiden's life!

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