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  • Two US servicemen getting ready for some frolics

    Good Lord - there he is again! I refer, of course, to the "well-nourished" gentlemen with the towel.

  • Affectionate US servicemen on a beach (2)

    And there is that "well-nourished" gentlemen with the white towel, lurking in the background!

  • Affectionate US servicemen on a beach

    I think, in this instance, I shall be choosing the top.

  • Three affectionate, sexy, US servicemen on a beach

    What delightful white shorts he is wearing!

  • Somewhere in the Pacific . . . with Quonset Hut in the background.

  • Two young US servicemen on a beach

  • "Fixing a price"

    The man wearing a white shirt, was most keen to "hire" the lean, but muscular, soldier wearing the distinctively patterned swim shorts. However, Bennie was not prepared for anything under $60. The bargaining lasted several minutes . . .

  • Affectionate group of US servicemen cavorting in the shallows

    I hate to say this, but I am not attracted to any one of these gentlemen . . .

  • Three affectionate US servicemen

  • Three-and-a-half sexy US soldiers sitting on a beach

    How lovely! Especially the two in the centre!

  • Fiver very sexy, young US servicemen sprawled on three large blankets

    Hmm . . . intriguing - I see several bicycles in the background, and the scenery does make me think this could have been on the bank of a wide river.

  • An octet of US servicemen

  • Three sexy US servicemen on a deserted beach

  • Fit, young US servicemen working-out on a beach somewhere in the Pacific

  • US servicemen on a beach somwehere in the Pacific Region

    Unsure about the tall, well-nourished one though . . .

  • Handsome US sailors cavorting on a beach

    I just love the two standing in the background, underneath that splendid palm tree!

  • Seven US servicemen flirting with three women on a tropical island beach

    I think the woman sitting on what appears to be a coconut, might well be a devotee of that Ancient Greek poetess . . .

  • Five US servicemen getting affectionate on a beach

    I thought you might be all thirsting for some more splendid examples of "sloping horizons" - I aim to please!

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