Miss Magnolia Thunderpussy's photos

  • Handsome, muscular young man demonstrating his prowess on the dance floor

    Such a pity he is wearing that ridiculous costume . . . .

  • Fred Kruputnik, farmer from Ashland (Ohio), on his way to church

  • In a quiet corner of a bar . . .

    Do you think they are not quite what they seem?

  • Farmer's boy holding his dolls

    I do wish I could read the name in the top corner. Dear, oh dear, what those country folk get up to in Ohio!

  • Well-nourished drag artist, performing a rendition of a Carmen Miranda number

    Shake those maracas, George! This does remind me of the world-famous doyenne who used to post on Flickr, dispensing fashion, glamour and make-up tips, together with charming photographs of "her" in unforgettable costumes. Maybe Mr. Mr. Rubber Ducky mig…

  • Camp camper

    At least he has a hairy chest, which will appeal to some of you, I know! Not too sure about his ensemble, though . . .

  • Cute, shirtless young man with striped twoel and extremely large sun hat

    Perhaps he was ginger-haired? Oh, is it PC to use that expression?

  • How utterly strange . . .

  • Um . . . I am really at a loss as to how I am going to title this one . . . "nine idiots", perhaps?

  • Kitchen interior, with madman

  • Chicago mafiosi with their teddy-bear

    How charming!

  • Five, early 20th Century, mid-European members of the "elite" statum of society relaxing with a few beers


  • Lampshade-men

    I am most taken by that kitschy ornament on the shelf!

  • Just another Charles Atlas failure, posing in front of his mirror

    I just wonder how many thousands, if not to say millions, of young men, subscribed to Mr. Atlas's "Dynamic Tension" program/programme, and were slightly disappointed at the results. Perhaps in this case it may have had something to do with the wallpaper…

  • Strange goings-on . . .

    I think it may be the wallpaper which disturbs me so much . . .

  • C'est une table!

    Possibly one of the most riveting photographs I may ever have posted on this august site! I do hope you will all appreciate the intrinsic qualities of this artistic composition . . . ;-(

  • Sexy, muscular US servicemen on a beach

    Well, I have never before seen it done with an inflatable dinghy/rubber raft! Such innovation!

  • Two US servicemen attempting an endoscopy on a beach . . .

    . . . and with that "well-nourished" gentlemen with a towel, lurking yet again in the background! Is the correct expression for such irritating men a "troll"?

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