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  • "Keep your mouth shut"

    An early US safe-sex health poster, I suspect. Of course, I may be wrong.

  • American haute cuisine

    Hmmm . . . a distinct paucity of green vegetables here. Good Lord, MUST everything come out of a can?

  • American cuisine at its finest (continued)

    Why, it looks as appetising as vomit! And SO nutritious . . . I don't think.

  • American cuisine at its finest (a continuing series)

    But WHY????

  • Fruit pies

    Is it perhaps my febrile imagination . . . ??? ;-)

  • "Suck it and see"

    Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear.

  • Bathtime floater

    What a splendid piece of art - it does remind me somewhat of the early pen and ink drawings of David Hockney. Was it, perhaps, used as an advertisement for soap? I am sure I can not think of anything else applicable to the title.

  • An "All Boy Issue"

    Oh dear . . . ;-(

  • The "Bad Boy" (2)

    Again, a possible repeat posting. My word, but that "Bad Boy" is simply incorrigible!

  • The "Bad Boy"

    I have a suspicion that I may already have posted this one. A rather intriguing cover design, would you not agree? I am puzzled by that upturned bucket/pail.

  • Object of curiosity

  • Riparian antics

    Of course, this would never happen at Henley!

  • Musical interlude

    I suppose he was impressed by his embouchure.

  • Two British soldiers realising that they may perhaps have something in common . . .

  • Confirmed bachelors

  • Mr. Foker at his toilette

  • Home from work

    "I can't tell you how good it is to take these damned things off", sighed Helmut Hasenpfeffer, when he got home from a busy day at the bank. He noticed his wife had graced the table with his favourite top hat and a cold glass of beer. "Do you want any…

  • Miss Bomarc was looking forward to testing the capabilities of this majestically sized missile

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