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  • Muscle hunk at a car boot sale*

    * = I appreciate that our cousins in the US may not be cognisant with the term "car boot sale", and so, for your edification, I post this link: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Car_boot_sale I would be grateful to know the current American equivalent term! Still…

  • Bikers

    Obviously before their race - you will observe, dear viewers, that this is not a speck of mud upon that gloriously white t-shirt!

  • After the game

    A most intriguing photograph, I think. It would appear that they are packing up after a game of baseball - note the bats and the mitt in the foreground. But is that an unfinished road bridge/viaduct in the road background? And the scaffolding?

  • Two motorbikes, two motor cars, two white-shirts and two bottles!

    Such a pity they were not drinking the same brand . . . they WOULD have to go and spoil it, wouldn't they?!

  • A loving couple from Texas

    Well- just goes to show, not everything is "Bigger" in Texas! I think we can take it as read that these two are of a . . . "theatrical" inclination?

  • Law enforcement

  • Four men and a car

    Fooled you! Just testing - of course, there is also a woman in this photograph, but I don't suppose many of my regular viewers will have noticed her!

  • Al fresco drinkers

    That white t-shirt most definitely needs ironing/pressing! However, I do find my gorgeous blue eyes lingering over Mr. Stripes - very nice upper arms!

  • Muscular man wearing a white t-shirt

    Possibly CCC workers, but I can not be too sure. Certainly dating from the 1930s.

  • Five men, two white t-shirts, one hunk, a short cutie and an outrageous would-be drag queen

    No prizes for guessing who is spending the night with moi!

  • White t-shirts and swimwear

    At least, I hope they are wearing swimwear. I have to say that the blond, third from viewer's left, is really quite handsome.

  • Four handsome men in a room

    Good Lord! Oh, what a scenario THIS conjures up!!! ;-)

  • Kitchen interior, with two white t-shirts

    Oh dear . . . one of them is "well nourished" and the other appears to be . . . well, how can I say this, "demented"? Interesting socks, though . . .

  • Kitchen interior, with white t-shirt and refrigerator

    What a cute young man - but definitely needs a bit more muscle. Interesting silhouette, though.

  • Kitchen interior, with white t-shirt and leather jacket

    There he is again! And such "well-fitting" jeans . . .

  • Kitchen interior, with white t-shirt

    Before that last page interruption of somewhat amusing postings, I do verily believe we were in someone's kitchen . . . Anyway, here is a very good-looking young man peering intently through the kitchen door. I do so love men who wear t-shirts and j…

  • A warning to top men!

  • A load of tripe!


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