Miss Magnolia Thunderpussy's photos

  • Cute US sailor in a a white t-shirt

    How utterly sweet!

  • Blond physique model wearing a tight pale green t-shirt

    No prizes for the identification of this famous porn star! He was so gorgeous, wasn't he?

  • Another sexy yong physique model wearing a white-shirt

    Oh, how salivating! Is it acceptable to say "yum, yum" on Easter Monday? I confess to having forgotten his name - was it "Hawk", perhaps?

  • A very sexy young physique model, lifting up his white t-shirt

    The very desirable Pete Shea.

  • French physique model posing in his white t-shirt somewhere on the Mediterranean

    He needs a haircut, and then I might consider him.

  • White t-shirt wearing carousel rider

    Hmmm . . . surely this is not the same man as seen with the baseball bat? Same shiny pants/trousers, same white lining visible in the pocket . . . Hmmm . . .

  • Absolutely gorgeous, muscular young man in a white t-shirt swinging his bat

    *SWOON*!!!!! Quite possibly my "Pick of the Day"!

  • Sexy, muscular man in a t-shirt (3)

    Maybe . . . perhaps he needs to do some more work on his arms. I wonder what colour/color the shirt was?

  • Sexy, muscular man in a t-shirt (2)

    Impressive biceps peaks! Obviously genetically gifted.

  • Sexy, muscular man in a t-shirt

    Yes, I do appreciate that he may not be the epitome of male beauty, but this is most definitely the "look" I have always . . . "admired"!

  • White t-shirt snoozer on a park bench

  • Three smokers

    Or are they just curing them? I confess, it is sometimes hard to know all the "ins-and-outs" of cooking, having always had a personal chef to hand!

  • Tropical fruit

    I think we can all take this as read?

  • Muscular man in a white t-shirt, somewhere in the South-West of the USA

    Why DOES he have to hold his hands like that? Nice leaves, though.

  • A most delightful photograph of the sexy, muscular gym owner, Harvey Young

    Taken by Georges Platt Lynes, 1947. (I mean, of course, the photograph! I would hate to infer anything untoward . . . )

  • Handsome, muscular young man in a white t-shirt, posing in a doorway

    NICE! ;-)

  • Handsome, muscular young man in a fetching cream t-shirt

    No why do you suppose that the park would have to be patrolled by the Highway Patrol?

  • Man in white t-shirt . . . somewhere in Arizona

    Hmm . . . obviously a "bottom".

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