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  • Muscular young man on a sailing boat (2)

  • Muscular young man on a sailing boat

    But why the furtiveness of the photographer? He is obviously aware that his picture is being taken . . .

  • Mega-hunk on a sailing ship

    I see even the US Navy have come close for a look!

  • Sexy, muscular young man, leaning back in his boat with a megaphone/bullhorn

    He looks kind of familiar - have I already posted him? No matter - a most delectable body, if I may say so.

  • Blond physique model pretending to be rowing his boat . . .

    . . . which appears to be firmly beached on pebbles.

  • Very sexy, shirtless physique model in extremely tight white pants/trousers

    Hmmm . . . I think I may have changed my mind about my choice of crew members. Those two young cuties seen in a previous photograph can just go and find themselves another boat - THIS one is going to be my cabin boy.

  • Kid Pomer (physique model) posing on a motor boat somewhere in the French Riviera - circa 1960s

    Very nice!

  • Two hunky movie stars loading provisions aboard a sailing boat

    Good Lord - just look at the size of Mr. Hudson's arms!!!! What a man he really was!

  • Two hunky movie stars aboard a sailing boat

    Of course, my "dreamboat" Rock Hudson, with an equally acceptable Charles Nader! I do know that Rock had his own yacht, but I can not, for the moment, remember its name. What fun these two must have had cruising the Pacific waters!

  • Two teenagers posing on the deck of a sailing boat

  • Calm sea and handsome men


  • Two cute deck hands

    Would that I had such comely young things aboard my yacht!

  • Two men in swimming costumes, sitting on a quayside

    No doubt somewhere in the Eastern Mediterranean.

  • Two Bulgarian men in a boat

    Possibly taken in Varna - it does look slightly familiar.

  • Two muscular young men in a rowing boat

    Now this is more like it! Is this what is called a "crotch shot"?

  • Two men in a rowing boat

    I am not quite sure what, exactly, the chap at the stern (back of rower) is doing with his legs spread so wide . . . I am sure there must have been a perfectly innocuous reason.

  • A couple of scullers

  • Just a couple of affectionate US sailors

    Strictly "entre nous", I prefer the fully-clothed one.

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