Miss Magnolia Thunderpussy's photos

  • Hunky, shirtless blond man sitting in a convertible car

    And handsome, too! ;-)

  • Roadside assignation

    My, but he IS rather forward, isn't he?

  • Sartorially challenged . . . with tennis racket

    Oh dear.

  • Two car mechanics taking a smoke break

  • "Hot-shot" posing with his motor

    Hmmm . . . now why should a hunky young man be posing with his motor car, dressed in a black biker's jacket?

  • Two hunky young men in well-fitting trousers/pants, coping admirably with a severe case of "sloping horizon"

  • Two comely young US sailors with a rather nice motor car

    "Daddy" and friend???

  • Roadside assistance?

    Nice turn-ups on the jeans, boys! ;-)

  • Beach threesome

    Possibly man and wife, with "friend"? I am intrigued by the feet of the "friend", however!

  • Man in swimsuit, standing beside his motor car

  • Meet "Frank"!

    A rather fine chassis, wouldn't you agree?

  • Looking cool . . .

    I can't quite decide whether this is a vintage photograph, with a cute young man wearing extremely "cool" sunglasses, or a more recent one, of a cute young man posed with a vintage car . . .

  • Sexy, muscular young man posing in his tight-fitting swimming trunks

    Definitely my "Pick of the Day"!

  • Muscle-hunk relaxing on the beach

    Can anyone please identify what exactly is in that white container on top of the cool box?

  • Slim young man towelling off beside his motor car

  • Four hunks at the seaside

  • Young man flexing his muscles on a beach

    Daytona, perhaps? His body shows sign of promise - pity about his chin, though. As for me, I am afraid I am far more interested in that motor car!

  • Muscular rower

    OMG - his left nipple is showing!!!

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