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  • Three US servicemen posing outside their laundry-festooned tent

  • Now THAT'S a towel!

    Admittedly it look more like a French waiter's apron . . . apart from those ghastly sandals.

  • Four, friendly US sailors, one of whom is wearing a white towel . . .

    Hmmm . . . looks like they are inside a Quonset Hut - how cosy!

  • Four, just men - affectionate US servicemen

    The two blonds for me, please! :-)

  • Four, just men - park bench ne'er do wells

    Most definitely villains of some sort!

  • Four, just men - nice motor car

    Feast your eyes on that delicious specimen wearing the cap . . . . CLOSELY! ;-) My word, but isn't he well put together? Pity about the white socks, though.

  • Four, just men - sitting comfortably

    I was going to write a thoroughly scurrilous caption to this photograph, but decided against it - the more I look at these young men, the more I think that perhaps they might have been brothers, forced to pose for a family photograph. Still, that does n…

  • Four, just men - loitering outside a gentlemen's outfitters

    Three cuties and an older man . . . I just wonder?

  • Four, just men - affectionate buddies

    Possibly US servicemen, but I can not be absolutely certain.

  • Four, just men - soldiers seemingly fascinated by a newspaper article

    Is that a French "kepi"?

  • Four, just men - handsome friends wearing fetching jackets

    Well, at least two of them are handsome . . .

  • Four, just men - US sailor, with this three well-dressed friends

    What an intriguing photograph! But, surely, the wearing of "correspondent shoes" with a three-piece suit was not strictly "de rigeur" at the time?

  • Four, just men - a couple of handsome, muscular baseball players with their adoring fans

  • Four, just men - US servicemen wearing rather short trousers/pants

    Perhaps ankles were "in" at the time?

  • Four, just men - woodland picnic

    Hmmmm . . .

  • Four, just men - cute US servicemen on a beach

  • Four, just men - naked quartet, with judiciously placed vegetation

  • Four, just men - Lifeguard with admirers

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