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  • Beefcake trucker, showing great promise, with his shirt off

    Keep going, keep going, young man!

  • Beefcake trucker, showing great promise

    A repeat posting, but what the heck! I only hope he did not turn out as most truckers one sees, ie. fat!

  • Hunky, muscular trucker

    Not vintage, of course, but I was most captivated by this one! I do hope you will forgive the inclusion.

  • Two shirtless US soldiers, with jeep

    I think they may be discussing the merits of Plato versus Aristotle.

  • Sexy, shirtless young US Marine looking really quite fierce.

    Isn't it amazing what one does on the way to church?

  • Two sexy, shirtless US Marines

    I do appreciate a nice, hairy leg.

  • Two military sportsmen, with motor car

    The other three must have wandered off somewhere . . .

  • Five military sportsmen, with motor car

    The one with the ball for me, please! ;-)

  • Sexy young man in tight shorts, with motor car

    I am a suspicion I may already have posted this one. Still, he is worth ogling (pardon, I meant "viewing"!) again.

  • Hunky man beside his parked car

    Yum, yum, I say! I might just whisk him off to my little cottage here in the East of England!

  • Hunky man taking off his clothes in a secluded woodland glade

  • An extremely sexy young workman enjoying a smoke inside his car


  • Two sexy young men having some fun together

    I am sure they were merely joking. I can assure our God-fearing French censors that there is nothing salacious about this photograph.

  • Tinkering under the hood/bonnet

    Yes, yes, I KNOW this is not vintage! But, Lordy, Lordy, what a paragon of sexy, desirable maleness!

  • Sexy young man leaning against his superb convertible

    OK, he is not muscular, nor indeed is he handsome. But, notwithstanding . . . :-)

  • Sexy young man posing beside his motor car - circa 1930s

    The "rumble seat" appears to have numerous articles of clothing.

  • Shirtless young man sitting on his motor car

    Oh dear . . . large shoes, which do hint at "Eastern promise" (so to speak), but I fear he is rapidly turning to . . . fat. There, I have said it - he desperately needs to "tone-up" and desist from drinking beer and eating burgers. But he's Ame…

  • Showing off . . .

    Is that "pretty ball", or "pretty boy"? And what about the sign in the background reading "America's Largest"? Hmmm, there's more to this photograph than meets the eye, I think!

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