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  • Interior, with two young men getting ready for their first Prom

    There is something really quite hideous about the décor of this room- not least that awful wallpaper designed to look like shelving.

  • Interior, with two young men about to leave for their first Prom

  • Kitchen interior, with shirtless man answering the wall-mounted telephone

    Those frilly lace curtains/nets remind me of ruched knickers.

  • Kitchen interior, with shirtless young man showing-off his new blue jeans

    *sniff* that paintwork is a bit scuffed.

  • Interior, with shirtless, muscular man fast asleeep on the sofa

    I do like this photograph! Do you think he had worn himself out with his embroidery? And notice the young child peeking round the corner.

  • Interior, with chubby man dancing on the coffee table

    "Saturday Night Fever" has a lot to answer for.

  • Interior, with pretentious young man

    Good Lord, what were his parents thinking?

  • Interior, with room-mates playing records

    Notice the carefully positioned photograph of a woman on the desk - to allay any suspicions that they may be "theatrical types".

  • Interior, with two gentlemen

    Hmmm . . . there appears to be no sharing of household chores in this relationship. Interesting carpet, although personally, I would not like to own it. I wonder what the colours were?

  • Two gentlemen performing on the cottage upright

  • Drag interior

    Hmmm . . . not sure about this one.

  • Volupté with "five o'clock shadow"

    You'd have thought he would have had a shave before having his photograph taken . . .

  • Meet "Poodles"

    A rather odd photograph . . . indeed, what with the twin pillars in the background, with figure in the centre, not to mention the swarm of flies around the head of "Poodles", one might be tempted to describe it as surreal.

  • Cute blond sailor wearing a fetching dress, and showing "a bit of leg"

    It is amazing what sailors get up to, when out of sight of land, isn't it?

  • Hirsute gentleman getting dressed for a night on the town

  • What a lovely frock!

    But, oh, that hair! It is so obviously a mop!

  • Female impersonator "au déshabillé" - early 20th Century

    The poor dear seems to be suffering with a headache.

  • William Horace Lingard

    "Entered" for what, do you suppose? And surely he was wearing a hair-extension?

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