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  • A group of young men reclining on a beach somewhere in the Balkans

    Possibly Bulgaria or the former Yugoslavia.

  • Naked US sailors enjoying a well-deserved swim during operations on a Pacific beach - World War II

    Surely no one is going to complain about this one????

  • Nine US sailors covering their "rude bits" with large palm leaves - early 1900s

  • US soldiers on a beach - early 20th Century

    You will need a magnifying glass for this one, possums! ;-)

  • US Navy Seebees unloading equipment

    And if you look really closely, my dears, you might just be able to spot a few naked buttocks!

  • An absolutely gorgeous young man sitting in the dunes

    Yes, of course, this stunning creature has simply got to be my other joint "pick of the Day"!

  • Five young friends lying on a Baltic beach - circa 1930s

  • Naked man sitting on a beach, reading a magazine

    I just love the briefcase!

  • Cruising with Keith (23)

    Salt water droplets clinging to his luscious body . . .

  • Cruising with Keith (22)

    Having jettisoned the itchy coils of rope, he decides to put on a skimpy pair of swim briefs, all the while managing to suck in his stomach . . .

  • Cruising with Keith (21)

    A wonderful photograph of this delightful young thing, which so highlights the hairs on his thighs. And I see he is wearing yet another article of clothing. Lordy, Lordy, more changes than a fashion show!

  • Cruising with Keith (20)

    A "rangy youth" with a "give-away personality"??? What on earth does that mean, pray? Seriously, I have often wondered about this rather delectable young man over the past few decades, known to history only as "Keith". Admittedly, his muscular definiti…

  • Cruising with Keith (19)

    One last look at the impressive chest and thick, firm thighs!

  • Cruising with Keith (18)

    Keith exhibiting his beautiful smile, while his play mate shows obvious signs of "mal de mer".

  • Cruising with Keith (17)

    The play mate looks a bit peeved about something, doesn't he? Not to worry, I much prefer Keith, who looks quite pumped-up in this photograph - he was so good-looking . . . .

  • Cruising with Keith (16)

    Oh, how lovely, our dear Keith has got a play mate to help pass he time. How thoughtful of the kind photographer, or boat owner! Obviously it was fashionable that year to have the flies slightly undone . . .

  • Cruising with Keith (15)

    Stark naked, with an impressive tangle of rope.

  • Cruising with Keith (13)

    Good Lord, I think he is naked!!!

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