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  • Skinny dippers exploring some interesting cliffs

  • Two skinny dippers clinging on for dear life to their inflatable air mattresses, while they battle heroically against an acute sloping horizon

  • German troops splashing about in the water on a hot summer's day

    Surely this is "safe" for public consumption?

  • Four young German soldiers, in varying states of undress

    Merciful Heavens, I do believe this one may be safe for public viewing!

  • German sailors splashing about in their swimming pool - circa World War I

  • Soldiers bathing in a shallow lake

    Possibly Wehrmacht - I can not be certain.

  • Four jock-strap wearing physique models in the communal showers

    And now back to the plot . . . I am always puzzled by the fact that so many British and American men prefer to shower in their swimwear or "athletic supports" - it is obviously some form of Anglo-Saxon puritanism.

  • Making friends in the showers

    What nice young men!

  • Naked men desporting themselves in a rather magnificent swimming pool

    Possibly a bit over the top - nouveau riches, I shouldn't wonder!

  • One bath, nine men . . .

  • "Not the least of the pleasures of a hard game is the bath that follows it"

    Yeah! And, unless my eyes deceive me, is someone standing on the other side of the centre naked man, with their hands clasping his buttocks?

  • A very sexy, muscular young sportsman soaping himself thoroughly in the showers

    And making absolutely certain he does not drop the bar of soap.

  • Well-upholstered man singing in the shower

  • Hairy-chested man pulling a face in the shower

  • Handsome, muscular movie star showering in his swimming costume

    A little quiz for you on this New Year's Eve - who can identify him?

  • Well, after all that testosterone-induced exertion, time to hit the locker room and have an envigorating shower . . .

    Of course, there are always some men who only wish to strike up conversations and flirt outrageously (or so I have been reliably informed). I do think, however, that the hairy-chested muscular blond could do better.

  • Exemplars of the noble art: handsome young boxer slogging away at the punch bag, before repairing to the showers

  • Exemplars of the noble art: hairy-chested boxer in boxers

    I should hazard a guess that they were possibly on the large size . . .

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