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  • US soldiers having their siesta under canvas

    My word, but he is skinny. He seems to be having pleasant thoughts, however.

  • Beefy US soldier relaxing in his underwear, reading a magazine

  • US soldier on his bed, showing us all just how flexible he is

    Oh God, I hope he doesn't put his toes in his mouth -- I simply can not bear such photographs of auto-stimulation! So disgusting!

  • Naked US soldier relaxing on his bed

    Do you think he is looking at a "dirty postcard" or a photograph of his beloved? One can not tell, what with that magnificent haunch in the way . . .

  • Naked US soldier the object of much amusement and curiosity

    Haven't they seen a naked man before? Really, some men lead such sheltered lives - they ought to view Ipernity more often.

  • Another affectionate GI couple on a bed, this time watching television together

  • Just two men: Dexter Glasscock III relaxing beside his pool with his secretary

    What? You have never heard of Dexter Glasscock III??? Oh, for shame on you!

  • Just two men: sometimes one instinctively knows . . .

  • Just two men: beach stripes

    *sniff* What sort of man goes for a walk on a deserted beach, wearing an identical jacket to his friend?

  • Just two men: handsome, young couple canoodling by the town's ornamental pond

  • Just two men: outrageous behaviour in a suburban back garden

    I suppose it is only to be expected with someone who has a "Marcel wave"

  • Just two men: wandering hand

    Buck Smelley liked giving lifts to hitchhikers and would invariably make an excuse to stop awhile . . . "Heck, they were getting a free ride, after all!" He was very insistent.

  • Just two men: handsome, affectionate couple wearing silly hats

    Now why did they have to go and spoil it?

  • Just two men: photography studio couple, with umbrella, walking stick, two rifles, an assortment of flowers, and a Teddy Bear . . .

    One of the more intriguing photographs in my collection. Do you think they could possibly be French?

  • Just two men: hat-wearing nincompoops

  • Just two men: dancing couple

    Young Jimmy was used to well-nourished gentlemen always rushing over to his side of the village hall and asking him to dance . . . how he yearned for a younger partner of a more lean physique.

  • Just two men: loving couple sharing a milk shake in a diner

    Very bold.

  • Just two men: striped t-shirt and correspondent shoes

    I am not too sure about the one on the right of picture . . . I rather think he could be a fan of Boy George.

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