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  • A group of young East European soldiers

    I know I have posted this one, many years ago, but I thought there might be some new viewers who had not yet feasted their eyes upon these charming young men. And yes, my heart still goes out to the muscular tart in the middle of picture!

  • Six handsome young soldiers wearing enveloping towels to spare the blushes of Ipernity staff

  • Three handsome young Russian soldiers posing delightfully for our benefit

  • Four muscular Russians posing outside a sauna cabin in the woods

    Lordy, Lordy, just look at all that Slavic testosterone - it makes me quite giddy! And my choice? I think it would be the handsome one in his Calvins, despite the abdominals on the left of picture.

  • Bathhouse clients enjoying a smoke break

    What lovely big towels - and with fringes, too!

  • Three sportsmen relaxing with a healthy fruit juice after their hot session in the sauna

  • Locker room scene

    Would you believe it? Dick (my trusty, loyal chauffeur of many years) informs me that he is often the object of shameless admiration when getting dressed after his work-outs!

  • Two sexy Italian soldiers

    Oh my, the one with the necklace is really quite gorgeous! :-)

  • Football team sitting in the changing room after the game

  • Three muscular footballers, wrapped in towels, wait eagerly to appraise the attributes of the new team member

  • Naked French soldiers being hosed-down

    A rather superb painting - I am afraid I do not know the name of the artist. There is so much to see in this - I do like it!

  • Hosing down a squirming young blond sailor

    Young Seaman Bennie Dover had become the object of lust among most of the crew, as soon as he joined the ship's company. On the previous night, he had "entertained" upwards of 70 men, and was in quite a sorry state when the Captain clapped eyes on him i…

  • A vision of Paradise . . .

  • "Jack"

    Aha, at last we get to see what all the fuss was about! Yes, indeed, most becoming! Why, I could quite fall for him myself . . . and such a nice helmet.

  • "Me - Jack"

    "Jack" seems to have been rather popular . . .

  • "Jan & I"

    The last time I saw udders like that was on a cow!

  • I suspect this may be "Jack & I" again . . .

    . . . but the "I" has since decided that perhaps he might look better in dark, matching swimwear. Well, that just about confirms my suspicion about these two . . .

  • "Jack & I" [sic]

    The one in the lighter-coloured swimwear is rather outstanding - I wonder if he was the "I"?

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