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  • Two US sailors

    What IS that man doing with his left hand?

  • Four US sailor buddies

    Two of them appear not to want their faces shown, for some reason. And what a lovely thumb print in the top right corner!¬

  • Two US sailors showing off their physiques

  • Shirtless US sailors relaxing on deck

  • US Navy Line Crossing Ceremony (4)

    Heavens, that "slave" is rather magnificent, isn't he?

  • Two dirty, soaking wet and very sexy US sailors

    Possibly the aftermath of a Line Crossing Ceremony? Whatever the cause, I am most definitely enthralled by the shirtless, muscular one and will no doubt be enjoying his favours this evening . . . ;-)

  • US Navy Line Crossing Ceremony (3)

    What a vision of virile male exuberance! Such splendid back muscles in the foreground! Um . . . is that a stuffed alligator in the centre of picture?

  • Sailors in chains

    Obviously a Line Crossing, or Neptune, Ceremony aboard a ship. Pretty nondescript bunch of men, however, except for the one I have marked . . .

  • Affectionate sailor couple posing proudly in their Y-Fronts

    Chuck and Marvin were quite well accepted by the rest of the men at the shore base, despite the fact that they eschewed the use of regulation skivvies.

  • Shirtless US sailors standing around in their freshly laundered skivvies

  • Two US sailors play fighting

    Isn't it delightful to see the straining underwear, revealing that tantalising glimpse of hidden darkness . . . .

  • Two muscular US soldiers with a clear example of wardrobe malfunction

  • Three young GIs having a laugh in the sunshine

  • Underwear-posing US soldier, with his buddy performing a fascist salute behind him

  • Six shirtless US soldiers

    And not in the peak of physical condition, either. Just look at the chubby forcing his attentions on that poor fellow!

  • Handsome young US soldier wearing a very large pair of skivvies

  • "Daniel Boone"

    A direct descendant? And since when have the US military permitted the wearing of carpet slippers?

  • "Full Dress"

    Oh, very nice! I might even add, "yum yum"!

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