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  • A group of teenagers enjoying themselves at the local open-air pool

    And will you just feast your eyes on that muscular Adonis in profile! (By the way, he has been reserved for my exclusive pleasure this evening)

  • Five good-living teenagers enjoying a day at the local swimming pool

    Although I must confess, I am slightly worried about the two with their legs crossed . . .

  • Coach with his protegés

    Good grief, the "protégé" on the right of picture looks like a skinny tadpole!

  • Members of a wholesome Baptist youth club, having fun and frolics at the lake

    Good boys - not for them the world of pool rooms, smoking and dirty jokes!

  • Teenage swimmers enjoying a day at the lake

  • Two London teenagers enjoying a swim in the Thames

    Given the date suggested by the diver's costume, I would not have thought it wise to have swum in that river - it used to be terribly polluted. Perhaps they were poor and could not afford entrance fees to nearby pools. Still, I am sure they were most ap…

  • High school swim team enjoying some high jinx with their coach

    Oh, what fun.

  • US High School swim team

    Posing with their two mascots, the games master and the coach.

  • Swim coach with his boys

    Rescued from a life of crime by this philanthropic gentleman. Be that as it may, I am taking the handsome one at the back, home for afternoon tea and crumpets.

  • Happy swim club members

    Joining a swimming club would bring immense benefit to many teenager "ne'er do wells" - just look how relaxed and happy these young men are!

  • Teenagers learning how to do the "Crawl"

    How nice to see teenagers applying themselves to learning something of benefit to their health and future well-being!

  • Five teenagers enjoying a walk in the countryside

  • Two teenagers enjoying a drive in the countryside

    You see, wholesome-living teenagers can have fun! Is that a 1960s' Renault?

  • Three teenagers posing for a photograph in their parents' garden, after having done the laundry

    I am somewhat mystified by the chap with the pram/baby carriage. Not only is he wearing a hat of some description, but he is of a deeper tan than the other twon.

  • Four strapping teenagers looking after a couple of children at the local beach

    The two in the middle look as if they could be quite acceptable in a couple of years.

  • Lean, blond teenager taking his younger brother to the local swimming pool

  • Handsome teenager on the beach with his mother

    A bad crop - one can only assume the person on his right was his mother. But oh dear, what DO I see???

  • Handsome teenager sharing a joke with his mother, at the local swimming pool

    He's very nice.

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