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  • Soldiers in swimwear: the barracks tart

    Every sunny afternoon, Private Ramirez would desport himself quite flagrantly in the middle of the sports field.

  • Soldiers in swimwear: "Pervis and Butch"

    I wonder which one was "Butch"?

  • Soldiers in swimwear: the start of a pleasant afternoon on the beach

  • Soldiers in swimwear: five young recruits resting beside a picnic table

    Possibly not swimwear, but the scene is really quite fetching, isn't it?

  • Soldiers in swimwear: beach party

  • Soldiers in swimwear: three buddies posing on the steps outside their barrack

    I get the impression that the one is in the centre is something of an exhibitionist.

  • Soldiers in swimwear: two hunks with a somewhat effete gentleman

    Now, that muscular, smiling beefcake, waving his hand behind the "effete gentleman's" head, just has to be a "Pick of the day" for me!

  • Soldiers in swimwear: sexy couple relaxing with a smoke beside the pool

  • Soldiers in swimwear: snazzy shorts and snorkelling masks

  • Soldiers in swimwear: tall young GI with his older buddy

  • Soldiers in swimwear: three buddies stop playing with the ball long enough for a group photograph

    Hmmm . . . the lean, hairy-chested one quite appeals to me.

  • Three affectionate US Army buddies relaxing by the pool

    They are really quite "open" about it, aren't they?

  • Three US Army buddies relaxing by the pool

  • Young recruits ripping off all their clothes and jumping into the pool

  • Three sexy young US servicemen in a swimming pool

    I don't really know what they are doing, but they are most picturesque.

  • Learning how to dive

    Hmmmm . . . I have a strange, uncanny feeling that third from left of picture is going to perform a most spectacular "belly-flop".

  • Swimming lesson

    (At least, I think that it what it is)

  • Handsome young man about to climb out of the pool

    Oooh, a cleft chin AND a tattoo!!!

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