Miss Magnolia Thunderpussy's photos

  • Cavorting in the garden swimming pool

  • Three swarthy, muscular men at the pool

    Mediterranean or Balkan? Good body on the one in the middle, though again he would need a paper bag or two . . .

  • US soldier holding his hands together, for some reason

    Well, he is certainly not flexing his pectoral muscles.

  • Hunky US serviceman with his plump buddy

    I am completely taken with the tall one - and might even go so far as to utter the expression *yum yum, woof!* which I know is most unusual for me . . . Any takers for "Plumpy"?

  • Another US Army camp, another pool and some more hunky men for your titillation!

  • Three US Army buddies at the pool

    I suspect they may be trying to interest the woman in a little frolic . . .

  • Two US servicemen crouching beside the pool

  • Poolside hunks

  • Another popular outdoor swimming pool somewhere in the USA - circa 1930s

  • The incredibly delectable young Sean Connery getting out of a pool - 1949

    My word, but he was a "looker"! If only he had had continued his bodybuilding . . .

  • A popular outdoor swimming pool, somwhere in the USA - circa 1960s

    It appears to have many attractions . . .

  • Swimming pool tart

    Why, he's outrageous!

  • Diverse divers: 20

    A very desirable, blond muscular young man performing a handstand prior to his dive - probably German, circa 1930s. I rather think I might choose this one as my "pick of the day"!

  • Diverse divers: 19

    Muscular swimmer standing on a diving board. A typical example of "ugly-sexy", I think - but nothing a paper bag would not remedy.

  • Diverse divers: 18

    Young German soldiers showing off at an outdoor swimming pool in the mid-1930s. Such fine, lean bodies - wouldn't you agree, Mr. Scumbeast?

  • Diverse divers: 17

    A reposting of this famous photograph, which was formerly for sale on Ebay some several years ago. I am still quite mesmerised by those supremely muscular buttocks on the right of picture! And I am sure the chubby one facing us will find many new admir…

  • Diverse divers: 16

    Hmmm . . . wet swim shorts! I wonder where this was taken.

  • Diverse divers: 15

    I have a feeling this extremely muscular man was too scared to dive off the top . . . the descent of shame?