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  • Four soldiers sunbathing

    No, that is not a wandering hand on the second from front - if you look closely, you will see that it is his right arm. Still, I am sure when the photographer left the scene . . .

  • Two very handsome young US soldiers posing beside the barrack swimming pool

    How utterly lovely!

  • Three handsome US soldiers "goofing off"*

    * = at least, I think that is what they are doing. Of course, the one in the centre may just be simple-minded. However, I am impressed by the bashful hunk in the dark swim shorts.

  • Three affectionate US servicemen on a beach

    Hmmm . . . not much is left to the imagination here, I think.

  • Affectionate teenage threesome

    Again, I think that maybe this photograph should not have appeared in this sequence - surely that is a Lifeguard logo I see? Still, very nice boys . . . and will add enticing decoration to my forthcoming pool party.

  • Two handsome US servicemen on a beach

    I thought at first that they were soldiers, but I notice arm tattoos on the muscular hunk in the dark swimwear - possibly indicating that they are sailors?

  • Two cute, affectionate soldier boys on a tropical beach

  • Affectionate soldiers spending a day on the beach

    Three pairs of shoes . . . and what looks like a comic book.

  • Soldiers in swimwear: three buddies on a beach

  • Soldiers in swimwear: eleven handsome, muscular GIs

    Most definitely my "Pick of the Day" and I shall be requiring the services of all of them tonight - obviously NOT the child! I am sure it will be exhausting but most enjoyable . . .

  • Soldiers in swimwear: sexy, blond, and muscular, showing a big nut

  • Soldiers in swimwear: group photograph in what appears to be a parking lot

    My word, but "Porky" has caught the sun!

  • Soldiers in swimwear: affectionate threesome

  • Soldiers in swimwear: nine varieties of costume

    Some nice bodies on view!

  • Soldiers in swimwear: three handsome young men . . . with woman

    Really, I do think she is making it a bit too obvious - she's obviously obsessed by the sexy with the medallion.

  • Soldiers in swimwear: beach shower

    It does not appear to have been a popular club, does it?

  • Soldiers in swimwear: two very affectionate and handsome buddies posing beside an erect palm tree

    (My second "Pick of the Day" - both of them, together!)

  • Soldiers in swimwear: four buddies sharing a large beach towel

    I quite like the one wearing the cap . . .

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