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  • Hunk on a beach

    Oh, I have had my fill of youthful bodies recently, and now I am hungering for some prime beefcake! A pity this photograph is not in clear focus . . . and what are those "things" sticking up out of the sand?

  • Three cute Bulgarian teenagers standing on a beach

    How very chic of him to be wearing a scarf!

  • Eight young Bulgarians posing for a photograph on a Black Sea beach

    Well, it's been a long time since I last posted some Bulgarians on this site. I expect we shall soon be seeing more of these handsome men here in England, now they are entitled to freely enter the country. Back row, second from left of picture, in the…

  • Two affectionate East European teenagers

  • Handsome blond teenager with his new friend

  • Three ecstatically happy and suntanned German teenagers on Rügen Island, early 1930s

    Yes, indeed, these three handsome Berlin youths had trekked northwards to this beautiful holiday island on the Baltic, where they had been fortunate in meeting three English authors who were only too eager to meet all their expenses.

  • Teenagers frolicking in the sea

    How nice to see leopard-skin design swimwear!

  • Teenager showing off his new inflatable rubber dingy

    Carter had kept his promise to his parents to do well in his studies and not to hang about with "delinquents" in the pool hall and public park. As a reward his father bought him a bright yellow rubber dinghy.

  • A bunch of teenagers dredging a canal in their free time

    Let this be an example of good behaviour, to any young viewer who might be considering a life of crime and debauchery!

  • Four teenagers with the results of their beach clearing expedition

    Todd, the hunky lifeguard seen on the right of picture, had no trouble at all in finding four obliging teenagers who were only too willing to collect all the discarded beer bottles on his stretch of the beach. How wonderful to see young people with a co…

  • Three stalwart Sicilian-American young men enjoying a day the lake

    I make no comment, but I do find this slightly disturbing . . . no doubt the one in the middle could have charmed me into bed at the mere sound of his sexy, Italian accent.

  • A courteous teenager offering his services as guide and interpretor to two visiting tourists

    Hmmmm . . .

  • Father with his sons spending an enjoyable Sunday afternoon at the country club

    I do hope they all went to Mass.

  • Two affectionate teenagers

    I see the family gardener is busily watering some newly-planted flowers . . . I have to say this is a most unattractive swimming pool, why, it looks more like a sheep dip!

  • Rich kid posing at the side of his parents' rather splendid pool

    Kevin did not have to frequent disreputable places in order to earn a few Bucks - all he had to do was ask either his mother or father. He was studying hard to enter college where he hoped to be studying Theatre Arts . . .

  • A clean-living teenager meets a handsome friend at the open-air pool

    Oh, I do like the "handsome friend's" swim shorts.

  • A group of teenagers enjoying themselves at the local open-air pool (2)

    A most picturesque scene, I am sure you will all agree.

  • Muscular, young Adonis at the open-air pool [close-up]

    I thought many of you might appreciate a closer look . . . Heavens, he IS gorgeous!

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