Miss Magnolia Thunderpussy's photos

  • Three muscular, shirtless US sailors posing on a ship's ladder

    The one at the front please! (Recently for sale on Ebay)

  • Three US sailors posing with their truck

  • Three GIs looking back at today's selection of photographs, while sitting on their jeep

    Note the affectionate hand on knee!

  • Military truck with US servicemen

    Mr. "White Pants" has a most impressive torso.

  • Five US soldiers sitting together in the sun

    The handsome one on viewer's right of picture is VERY nice - I might have him for dessert, after that hairy-chested hunk I "reserved" earlier today.

  • US servicemen having fun on a beach

    What lovely striped swim shorts! ;-)

  • US soldiers in their swimwear

    Well, dear viewers, I have finally decided my "Pick of the day" - that hairy-chested man standing in the middle of picture. Messrs Roger and Philly will just have to wait their turn, I am afraid.

  • Three muscular US servicemen in their swim shorts

    'If he toned up a bit more, the one in the middle would be most acceptable to "yours' truly" - he certainly has the height and ears!

  • US soldiers enjoying a day on a public beach (2)

    Do you know, I think they may be two couples.

  • US soldiers enjoying a day on a public beach

  • US military threesome

  • Four more "maturer" US servicemen posing on a beach

    A pity it is out of focus - the one wearing the dog tags looks quite nice, and has an equally nice shadow . . .

  • Five US servicemen enjpying a day at the beach

  • Three US servicemen on a beach, with barbed wire

    Quite impressive . . .

  • A splendid beach view

    What lovely curves, complementing those of the sun helmet.

  • Two US servicemen enjoying some quality sunbathing together

  • Muscular, shirtless US Marine showing off his triceps development on a roof

    Very, very acceptable. He does look familiar - have I posted him before?

  • Two very svelte US servicemen

    Hmmm . . . I have "doubts" about the one wearing the sunglasses. I am sure he must have been of a theatrical bent. The other one is quite sexy, however, though I suspect his body is not very well developed.