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  • Eight happy young US soldiers flashing their shiny white teeth

  • Incredibly sexy US soldier standing on a beach, with legs just far enough apart for his adoring young friend to poke his head through

    I just HATE that "adoring young friend"!

  • Affectionate GI trio on a beach

    Oh dear, he really is quite handsome and has lovely hairy legs, and those shorts fit ever so snugly, but . . . he is obviously "sucking-in" his stomach! I think he must have over-indulged during Christmas. Still, I'll soon lick him into shape!

  • GI buddies relaxing on an Hawaiian beach

    (I'll just bet it's Waikiki!) And what's the betting that Mr. White was known as "Lofty"? One can only imagine . . .

  • Three affectionate US soldiers on a tropical beach

    Hmmm . . . I think I might "bag" the muscular one with "attributes" - though he would have to have haircut before our night of passion.

  • Three outstanding US soldiers posing on a beach

    . . . especially the one in the centre! ;-)

  • A roup of six US servicemen on a beach

    The shirt blond has attractive abdominal muscles . . . but I think I will pass on the rest.

  • US soldiers having fun on a beach

  • Five sexy, off-duty US soldiers on a beach

    I may have posted this one before. I am most desirous of making the acquaintance of the well-bronzed gentleman kneeling down . . . I also notice that there is an example of a chubby voyeur staring intently at the firm, young buttocks of a sunbather…

  • Five off-duty US soldiers having fun on a beach

    This there a certain atmosphere of homoeroticism in this photograph, do you think?

  • US soldiers relaxing on a beach, being disturbed by a "well-nourished" local inhabitant who wishes to interest them in the charms of his female relations

    They're not taking the slightest notice of him, are they? Which confirms my suspicion . . .

  • Off-duty US soldiers relaxing on the beach with their "lady friends"

    Well, I think it high time we got back to the plot! There have been far too many examples of youthful and amusing photographs uploaded on my Site in the past week or so . . . enjoy these prime examples of beef! I am most interested in the behaviour…

  • Boy on a bicycle

  • Four inmates of the Ashland (Ohio) State Institute enjoying an afternoon of country dancing

  • The start of Mother's dementia

    Agnes was horrified. Her mother had never before acted in this way, and in front of her school-friend, too!

  • Winnie Nugent posing in her new platinum blonde wig

    How . . . lovely.

  • The poor boy . . .

    He really does not stand a chance, does he?

  • How to put the fear of God into anyone

    Possibly one of the most frightening photographs I have ever uploaded, for which my apologies.

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