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  • Bosom buddies - early 20th Century

    I would dearly love to know what on earth that rectangular thing is in the bottom right corner!

  • Affectionate US Marine couple, with unlit cigarettes

  • Affectionate US servicemen couple

  • Two cute US servicemen with very large ties/neckties

    They do seem to share a certain facial resemblance - brothers, perhaps? Or am I just being taken in by their delightful smiles?

  • Two handsome young US servicemen

    I have a feeling this photograph was developed in reverse - note the numerals above the door.

  • "Donald & Chum"

    But which one is "Donald"?

  • Touching . . .

  • Two affectionate sergeants

    I think they might be US Marines - whatever, it is simply quite unacceptable behaviour for a serving member of the US armed forces!

  • Two outrageous US servicemen

    Why, oh why, do virile young men actually LIKE other men in drag? I have never understood this . . .

  • Captain Weldon Penderton and Private Williams, looking most resplendent in their jodhpurs

  • GI buddies

    Despite the sheer height of the one wearing the white t-shirt (and all attendant "attributes" such height might entail), my vote is going towards the shirtless cutie, leaning on some sort of stick - eminently suitable for tomorrow's breakfast, I think!…

  • Two handsome US servicemen leaning against a jeep (or is it a truck?)

    I am afraid that I do not know if they were Army or Navy.

  • Affectionate, shirtless soldier couple in a garden

  • Three rough, tough US soldiers somewhere in the Pacific region

    Gosh, how frightening!!! And the centre one reminds me of the great French author, Jean Genet.

  • Sunbathing US servicemen

    I am sure there is nothing "suspect" about this group.

  • Three shirtless US soldiers

  • Three affectionate soldiers crouching in their skimpy swimwear

    An intriguing photograph - three orderlies waiting patiently for their officers, perhaps?

  • US soldiers enjoying a drink together

    The tall, dark one appears to be holding a milk bottle - perhaps it is some local hootch? Now then, before anyone starts rushing in, may I make it quite clear that the stud muffin on the viewer's right of photograph (in the white-belted swimming costum…

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