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  • Chorus "girls"

    Of course, they might have looked more authentic if they had been wearing wigs . . .

  • Back garden campers

    Oh God! If I had neighbours like this, I would move.

  • Man in a grass skirt acting somewhat furtively among the bushes

  • War is hard . . .

    . . . and when a virile young soldier has the urge, and women are "off-limits", then one makes-do with what is available.

  • Camping in a grass skirt . . .

  • Tails of the South Pacific . . .

    Is it really any wonder that the Japanese lost the war?

  • Studio portait of a young, blond US sailor

    Good God - what on earth is that thing???

  • Fourteen virile US sailors letting their hair down

    That must be the smallest brassiere I have ever seen!

  • Cute, shirtlesss GI wearing a somewhat ragged grass skirt

  • Front cover of "Dance magazine, July 1945, featuring four members of the US Army performing some frightfully avant-garde modern dance

    No doubt inspired by Martha Graham. I am just astounded to learn that dance played such an integral part in the US victory over the Japanese! I would so like to learn more about this - does anyone know anything about it?

  • Two affectionate US solider at an open-air swimming pool, swaddled in voluminous bath towels

    Quite why the white one is at such an angle is simply beyond my innocent comprehension . . .

  • Studio portrait of two GI buddies

  • Handsome soldier couple in a nightclub

    I think they have "clicked"! One sincerely hopes they had a happy relationship together.

  • Affectionate GI couple on a jeep

    They're making it very obvious, aren't they?

  • Two US soldiers having a friendly little wrestle

    At least I hope that is what they are doing.

  • Shaven-headed GI buddies

  • Affectionate USAAF couple enjoying a cosy drink together in their barrack

  • Affectionate US Army couple

    I find this quite hard to believe - would a Sergeant really have been seen with such a camp young thing, let alone have his photograph taken?

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