Miss Magnolia Thunderpussy's photos

  • Six virile young US servicemen on a beach, pretending to be chorus girls

    I have "marked" the on I am particularly interested in . . . that leaves five more for you to fight over!

  • US military threesome

    Strange, how so many virile young men actually like cross dressers . . . As for me, I like the shirtless one!

  • Handsome young US serviceman in a grass skirt, demurely covering his nipples

    The boots really do complete this ensemble, don't they?

  • Oh, what a pretty frock!

  • Bernie O'Haggerty relaxing in his kitchen, after a hard day at the steel mill

  • Two ugly cross dressers

  • Man in a gorgeous fishtail dress

    Of course, they are quite useless for running in.

  • After dinner amusements at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Fernando Axolotl

    This is so very intriguing - note the broom on the floor and the woman playing the piano, dressed in her underwear. Strange goings-on in suburbia!

  • Playing hard to get

  • Marriage of kindred spirits

    Well, it's original - I must say that.

  • A study in stripes

    I can't quite make up my mind if this is a woman or a man - what do my learned viewers think?

  • But what IS it???

  • Two men wearing white silk stockings, holding magnificent bunches of white roses

    I think they must be from Ohio.

  • Baldwin holding out his pretty frock for us all to admire.

    Oh, I espy a pouffe!

  • Oh dear . . .

  • Hoodie crossdresser

    Good grief, it's not Cedric, is it? I wondered when he would change his dress.

  • Cedric on a camping weekend: 4

    Cedric with his friend.

  • Cedric on a camping weekend: 3

    "Ah, that smells good!" he thought, trying hard to let his sunglasses get steamed up.