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  • East European soldiers in a swimming pool - circa early 20th Century

    Even if one enlarges this photograph, I am quite certain that "nothing" can be seen, and thus it is suitable for "public" viewing. Some of you might care to examine the two in the top left corner a bit more closely - they do appear to be quite friendly,…

  • Interior of an East European men's bath house (2)

    I wonder why one of them is wearing a full-length dress?

  • Interior of a Turkish bath

    No, dear Ipernity censors, they are not engaged in carnal intercourse - the naked man on the top is merely the masseur, stretching the limbs of his client. There is NOTHING remotely sexual in this photograph!

  • A large group of Bulgarians availed themselves of some balneological* treatment

    * = "look it up!" Ah, this brings back memories of several summers spent in that charming country (as it once was) of Bulgarian - sitting motionless in slightly sulphurous water for hours on end . . .

  • Handsome US soldier bathing in a shallow stream

    Note the boots and rifle, close to hand.

  • Naked soldiers sitting in strange wooden cubicles

    I have no idea what is going on here.

  • Three US soldiers cooling off in a tropical stream

  • Early morning ablutions for some US soldiers

    Another classic photograph, which may be familiar to some of you. I am going to risk this one - surely the Ipernity censors could not think anything untoward here? Why, those buttocks are positively blurry!

  • Three sexy, naked US sailors

    At least, I think they are sailor, possibly in the engine room? As they are all covering their "rude bits", I should think this suitable for general viewing.

  • US Navy hospital ship (2)

    What ARE they doing to the poor chap?

  • US Navy hospital ship (1)

    Now, I wonder if they are preparing to operate on that man towelling himself dry?

  • A group of US sailors in the radio room

  • Five, sexy young US sailors posing for a group photograph, while standing on deck

    The muscular blond one has my vote - but I could be tempted by the tall "Hick", who, I am sure, has a certain "talent".

  • Five sexy, young US sailors relaxing on deck

    Oh, I just love it when men sit with legs wide apart. Sometimes, I do worry about it.

  • Four sexy, young US sailors relaxing on deck

  • Four beefy US sailors

    I should like to have seen the "bookends" without their t-shirts.

  • A line up of beefy US sailors

  • Five shirtless US sailors having fun in the jungle

    Don't worry, I am sure they were just fooling around . . .

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