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  • Gorgeous hunk of beefcake standing in a river

    What a pity the photographer did not use a zoom lens.

  • Muscular hunk posing in his swimwear beside an old jalopy

    Now why would a motor car be parked beside a swimming pool? Honestly, I have never been able to fathom out the minds of Californians.

  • Shirtless, muscular hunk on a beach somewhere in California

    Was this a beach oft frequented by "theatrical" types?

  • Shirtless muscular, hairy-chested man

    Hmmm . . . now he is quite suitable! Of course, I would have to see his legs.

  • Hairy-chested man admiring a superb example of kitsch

    Quite why he has to place his right hand in such a position completely mystifies me.

  • Shirtless muscular man posed against a pale background

    Shame about the teeth . . .

  • Muscular hunk posing in a white t-shirt

    A spectacular view! Just feast your eyes on those biceps!

  • Gorgeous hunk of beefcake posing in his tight white swim shorts

    Ah, another delectable photograph of my current lover! Imagine, if you can, dear viewer, the untold delights of being wrapped in his night-long embrace . . .

  • Shirtless hunk posing with a nice piece of wood beside a lake and a rather dubious oil painting

    Another one for my harem, I think!

  • Gorgeous hunk of beefcake resting on a bed, calmly smoking a cigarette

    I simply must apologise, dear viewers. I had meant to upload this one yesterday, but rather selfishly I decided to keep him another night. My God, what stamina this man has! All night long and most of today, I was a prisoner of his insatiable demands…

  • Young US soldier, home on leave, falls fast asleep in his old bedroom

    I am glad to see that he was a good Catholic boy. However, I am slightly concerned by the décor - hardly appropriate for a young man, surely? Why, it's positively feminine!

  • Cute, sexy, shirtless US soldier

    I do hope it was not a hospital ward and that he had suffered some injury. What a sweet young man!

  • Shirtless man lying on his camp bed

    I have absolutely no idea as to whether he was a soldier or whatever . . . he certainly seems to have had a lot of luggage and respectable selection of clothing. And of course, that blanket is most delightful.

  • Man in a hospital bed, sitting upright and smoking a cigarette whilst holding up his umbrella

    This has just got to be one of the most weird photographs I have ever posted!

  • Private Marmeduke Simpkins lounging seductively on his camp bed

    Certain men, of a "theatrical bent", frequently make it a bit too obvious what it is they are after . . .

  • Naked man on a bed, with rumpled bed sheet

  • Shirtless young US soldier fast asleep in his immaculate white briefs

  • Naked man on a bed, with carefully positioned white towel, empty wine bottle, a wicker basket, one juicy tomato and a toilet roll

    I think he maybe slightly inebriated.

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