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  • Three cute young sailor boys getting ready for their weekend leave

  • Five US sailors enjoying some local fruit

    I am "reserving" the handsome one with the banana!

  • Sexy young US sailor

    Yum, yum! Dessert!!!

  • US Navy shore patrol

    A large part of their duties was patrolling parks after dark, in an attempt to cut down the high incidence of "deviant behaviour". It would appear that two of them had become "contaminated" . . .

  • Two US sailors cruising the park

    Somehow, I don't think the tall one is going to strike lucky that night . . . call it feminine intuition, if you like.

  • Inebriate sailors

  • US sailor buds

    Mr. T-shirt is well put together.

  • "Lenny + Friend"

    Hmmm . . .

  • Sailor couple - circa 1930s

    Just compare the state of their pants!

  • Muscular US sailor busy at work in the laundry area

    Very acceptable! I think I shall employ him in my household - so more appealing than that Bosch I have! And those abdominals would be most useful for some hard scrubbing.

  • Affectionate sailor couple on an aircraft carrier

  • Cute US sailor doing a spot of laundry - circa early 20th Century

  • Two US sailors

    What IS that man doing with his left hand?

  • Four US sailor buddies

    Two of them appear not to want their faces shown, for some reason. And what a lovely thumb print in the top right corner!¬

  • Two US sailors showing off their physiques

  • Shirtless US sailors relaxing on deck

  • US Navy Line Crossing Ceremony (4)

    Heavens, that "slave" is rather magnificent, isn't he?

  • Two dirty, soaking wet and very sexy US sailors

    Possibly the aftermath of a Line Crossing Ceremony? Whatever the cause, I am most definitely enthralled by the shirtless, muscular one and will no doubt be enjoying his favours this evening . . . ;-)

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