Miss Magnolia Thunderpussy's photos

  • The handsome, shirtless US sailor in well-fitting white pants, leaning against the railings after doing his laundry

    If only he did not have that stupid pompadour.

  • Handsome shirtless US sailor in well-fitting white pants . . . oh, and did I mention the two cute puppy dogs?

  • Muscular, shirtless sailor giving himself a hug

    Was he cold or merely wanting to accentuate his impressive biceps?

  • Muscular US sailor with rolled-up shorts

    Oh, the big tease!

  • Who loves Johnny?

    Well, I certainly could . . . he's quite delightful.

  • Sexy, shirtless sailor sitting on a lifeboat, with legs wide apart

    Oh, I WANT this one!

  • Muscular young sailor sitting in a life boat, with legs wide apart

    Oh dear . . . don't they know the effect this has on me?

  • Two shirtless sailors kneeling on the deck of their ship's motor launch

    And such a charming display of affection - I suppose they thought no one could see them down there.

  • Burly US sailor with his acolytes

    They are obviously devoted to him . . .

  • Three young sailors having fun on the fantail

    The two on the left of picture are really rather cute, though I prefer the shirtless one, needless to say.

  • Flexing on the fantail

  • Handsome, shirtless sailor stopping his work for the appreciate cameraman

  • Handsome scrubber

  • Shirtless US sailors doing a spot of laundry

    Augustus Ganderpoke was feeling pretty miserable - it was bad enough having a names like his, but the fact was that he still wet his bed. Each morning, before his shipmates were stirring, he hurried up on deck and rinsed out his pyjamas/pajamas.

  • Two affectionate, burly sailors wearing their capacious skivvies

    A little "something" for those of you who prefer a more mature man! I wonder who among my dear viewers, is going to admire them?

  • Four handsome, shirtless young sailors - circa 1930s

    Quite delightful - especially the young blond sitting in the front, who I shall be whisking away forthwith.

  • Shirtless US seamen busily doing something on deck

    Does anyone know what it is exactly they are doing?

  • Shirtless sailor in "heroic" pose