Miss Magnolia Thunderpussy's photos

  • Bulgarian soldiers cavorting in a river - circa early 1930s

  • I think we can safely say that these two are skinny-dipping

    For why else would they be holding up their swimming costumes in such a manner?

  • Soldiers, somewhere in the Tropics, attempting to balance a very long dug-out canoe on top of their motor boat

    At least two of them have shed their clothing . . . which is nice.

  • Muscular nude on a rowing machine

    Another magnificent photograph by Eadweard James Muybridge (1830-1904).

  • University rowing team showing off their huge oars

    Hmmm . . . slightly disappointing. Perhaps numbers 1 and 3 from extreme right, might suffice on a cold dark night.

  • University rowing team getting into their boat

    Why do they always seem to have the most sexy team member facing their cox?

  • University rowing team taking their boat ashore

    The one at the front, please!

  • Man and woman on a boat (2)

    Now, dear viewers, I have to nail my colours most firmly to my upright mast, and state here that this young man has utterly bewitched me. Yes, I know that I, earlier on today, showed signs of lust over the photograph of the muscle hunk adjusting his t…

  • Man and woman on the deck of a boat

    Oh really,what a slut!

  • Dissolute young rower

    What a strangely elongated neck he seems to have.

  • Cute teenager sitting at the prow of a rowing boat

    He'll be quite stunning in about six to seven years.

  • Cute little girl sitting in a rowing boat with her handsome brother

  • Bulgarian fisherman standing alongside his boat

    Ah, the old pier at Varna!

  • Paddling furiously across a stretch of choppy water

    At least, one man is - the chap in the immediate foreground is obviously not doing a stroke of work, and presumably the photographer was too busy holding the camera steady.

  • Slim young swimmer leaning towards us on a beach

    Given the position, I might venture to suggest that perhaps he is a US Marine.

  • Shirtless man about to set off in his rowing boat

  • Two young men having fun on the water

  • Muscular canoeist