Miss Magnolia Thunderpussy's photos

  • Five people messing about on the river

    (Nice derriere!)

  • Hunky sportsman on a pontoon

    The chap sitting in the boat is obviously head-over-heels in love with him!

  • Bulgarian beach scene, with canoe

    Hmmm . . . both of the central characters are rather creepy, aren't they? Interesting castle in the background, however.

  • Early morning yoga on a lake somwhere in Eastern Germany - circa 1930s

  • Four members of the San Diego Rowing Club taking their boat down the jetty

    Oh, Mr. Scumbeast will so like this one - why that man at the back, on the left of picture, is really quite well-upholstered!

  • Why are some men so utterly silly?

  • Draining the water out of his canoe . . . I think

  • Swimsuit wearing rower with most impressive legs

  • Smiling, muscular man standing up in his rowing boat

  • Just a couple of oarsmen

  • Young men enjoying a day on the river - circa 1930s

    That is a most snazzy outfit at the back!

  • Two handsome, shirtless men sitting in a boat

  • Two men proudly displaying their large oars

  • Teenager witting in a rowing boat

    At first I thought that "thing" in the background was a passing Zeppelin, but then of course I realised it was just a bridge.

  • Two men in a sail canoe

    Both of whom are really not worth a second look, believe me! ;-)

  • Cute, shirtless young cabin boy, escaping the clutches of the First Mate

  • Hunky yachtsman at the helm

    I wonder why he is saluting? Strange, but I would have thought a boat with that beam would have had a wheel rather than a tiller.

  • Gorgeous young man posing on a marina pontoon

    Just where is this marina? I would willingly spend anything just to have this beauty assist me!!! Er, I don't think this is "vintage", not least because of the design of the sailing boats - but oh, what a gorgeous creature he truly is!

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