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  • US soldier sliding off into sleep

    How does he manage to stay on? Clenched buttocks?

  • Cute US soldier "open to offers"

    Well, he's finished reading the newspaper and now wants a little company - and who could resist?

  • US soldier engrossed in his paperback

  • US military bacchanalia about to begin . . .

    I am "reserving" the tow cuties at the back for my special after-dinner treat this evening - and yes, I want them both at the same time! Regular users (sorry, that should read "viewers") will no doubt remember these handsome US servicemen from an earlier…

  • Muscular young US soldier hiding his nudity with a carefully positioned towel

    Oh dear - a naked, virile young soldier lying on a bed with a bottle of wine, wondering what he and his friend can possibly find to do on a Sunday evening . . .

  • Handsome, muscular young US soldier reclining on his bed, clad in a most fetching pair of black boxer shorts

    He looks bored, doesn't he? But, oh, what charming curtains.

  • Affectionate US military couple sitting on a bed

    I think we can safely assume that these two are an "item"?

  • US Army Corporal Bagni and his room mate

    The two of them hit it off right away, and decided to order room service instead. Several times during the night the occupants of the neighbouring rooms would knock on the walls, demanding they either stop the infernal squeaking noises or else get a ca…

  • US servicemen lying/laying on a bed in an enlisted men's hostel somewhere in NY

    Corporal Bagni was looking forward to his furlough in NY and hoped he would get on well with his room mate, who had not yet checked in. Perhaps they could go out together for a drink?

  • Sleeping beauty


  • Shirtless US soldier having a most uncomfortable siesta

    Perhaps his mattress was soiled.

  • US servicemen, in varying states of undress, snug in their bunks

    Could they possibly be sailors? In any case, what this place needs is a woman's touch! I shall make a start with the naked one in the bottom bunk. I believe we can't actually see "anything" in this photograph - surely it is decent enough for Iperni…

  • Shirtless, muscular US soldier seemingly ready for anything . . .

    Naturally, I refer to the reading material on the floor, the slip-on sandals, the locker, and several pairs of highly polished boots and shoes.

  • Hunky blond, shirtless, hairy-chested US soldier fast asleep in dappled sunlight

    Yum, yum! The two gentlemen residing in an Eastern State of the US will just have to wait their turn, I am afraid.

  • Shirtless US soldier fast asleep on his cot - circa Vietnam War

    Maybe some dear viewer can please explain why his hands seem to be performing a Chopin Polanaise? He has a nice craggy look to his face, no doubt indicative of his tiger-like qualities on the mattress . . .

  • Cute young man fast asleep on his cot, having first made certain that his "family jewels" were well-covered . . .

  • Naked, towel-wearing young man closing the bathroom door on the photographer

  • Naked man lounging against a radiogram

    How very odd - at first I thought he might be wearing sheets of newspaper . . . and that is surely a bed in the foreground. Perhaps it is a bed-sit?

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