Miss Magnolia Thunderpussy's photos

  • Four affectionate men wearing patterned dresses

    Oh, come on, boys, surely you can make a better effort than that?

  • Ball queens

  • Affectionate couple wearing boots

    I really don't know which is worse - the bows in his hair or the terrible red hand-colouring.

  • Three men in tutus, not to mention the feathers, having a quiet drink at the bar

    Good grief! No wonder the place is deserted!

  • Bearded gentleman wearing a skirt and an extremely hairy sporran

    The sooner they have their "Independence", the better I say!

  • Surprise, surprise!!!

    I know how you have all been longing for another batch of accordion photographs. Well, who am I to disappoint? Enjoy, my dear viewers, enjoy!

  • Effeminate Frenchman, with squeezebox

  • Scary accordion player

  • Miserable looking young man attempting to hide behind his accordion

  • Top-hat wearing accordionist

  • Pavement/sidewalk accordion player

    There, you see? There's that "look" all accordion players have when performing - head to one side, staring blankly into space. What on earth for? Does anyone know?

  • Hot stuff performed by "The Krauts"

    What a silly name for a rock group.

  • A vision of Hell

    Dear Lord, there must be dozens of the wretched things!

  • I dread to think what type of music they played together

    And all that lovely polyester!

  • "Your Friends"

    Oh, how delightful! I know that Mr. Scumbeast is keen on Country & Western music - he will appreciate this one.

  • Young woman struggling with her massive accordion

    You see, dear viewers, it's not just "odd-balls" who play the accordion! Such a pretty lady. *cough*

  • Creatures from Hell

    Words fail me!

  • Mary-Lou whiled away the summer afternoons playing her accordion out in the garden