Miss Magnolia Thunderpussy's photos

  • Two affectionate men on a bed

    I really do believe that one can not actually see either male genitalia or the contours of the buttocks - so surely, this photograph is acceptable to those wonderful French guardians of public taste and decency, the Ipernity Censers? Is that an ope…

  • An extremely handsome physique model flexing his leg muscles

    The very handsome, blond Tommy Pollack, looking most fetching in that miniscule posing pouch. Such sturdy thighs . . .

  • Bedroom scene, with two figures in a state of undress

  • "Is there a Pall-Bearer in the house?" - vintage advertisement for a certain brand of men's underwear

    I suppose they were just room mates . . .

  • Two men fast asleep despite the hideous curtains/drapes

  • Six US soldiers waiting to see if the "new boy" shapes-up

    They all seem terribly keen for him to do so, don't they? It does look, however, as if he may be a bit of a tease.

  • Six men in a hotel room

    How strange that one of them appears to be displayed for the benefit of the others. I note, too, certain states of undress and an example of knee-high white socks! I shall refrain from commenting on the articles of apparel hanging on the curtain rail.

  • Nine men in a hotel room, having a laugh together

    Hmmm . . . something suspicious about this one, and I can't quite put my finger on it. I suppose the three cuties are sons?

  • Two young men sharing a double bed in some cheap hotel, or "bed-and-breakfast"

    With wallpaper that hideous, is it any wonder they can't sleep?

  • Two shirtless men in a room, with drying underwear

    This is really quite bizarre. And what on earth is pulling-up the towel on his right side?

  • Two "regular" guys sharing a bed

    Yeah . . .

  • Two affectionate US sailors sharing a bed together

    Good Lord, and the handsome one is wearing a wedding-ring!

  • Hairy-chested US soldier getting ready for a night on the town

    "Guys & Dolls", eh? That means he is either a screaming queen or else a bi-sexual . . .

  • Sexy, tattooed US servicemen sitting on his bed, trying to write a letter despite the constant attentions of the cameraman

    Oooh, and I note he has a hairy chest, too! Shame about the chin . . .

  • Two affectionate US soldiers

    No doubt Mr. Hairy-Chest was only doing a spot of physiotherapy . . .

  • Six handsome, shirtless US servicemen relaxing with a drink

    Oh, how LOVELY!!! They're all rather fine, aren't they? I do hope some one brought along some tasty canapés.

  • Sexy US soldier having a smoke on his bunk

  • Tw muscular, shirtless US soldiers exhausted after their "K.P." duties

    "Me" is quite acceptable, but somehow my eyes keep veering towards "Bruce" - possibly the size of his arms? But, of course, I would be more than happy to entertain both in front of my large open fire.