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  • Bunk buddies (8)

    I don't think he is terribly interested in that newspaper. An intriguing, nay tantalising, glimpse of a hairy leg there on the right of picture!

  • Bunk buddies (7)

    I wish this one was my "bunk buddy"! ;-)

  • Bunk buddies (6)

    All eager to get to bed, but first a group photograph.

  • Bunk buddies (5)

    Not one but six photographs of some handsome young US Army boys cleaning their weapons!

  • Bunk buddies (4)

    Well, these three are certainly getting cosy, while they enjoy their ice lollies/popsicles. I wonder what flavour they were?

  • Bunk buddies (3)

    Hmmm . . . most suspicious behaviour! Has the chap at the back just "finished" or getting in? The muscular one does seem rather pleased, however.

  • Bunk buddies (2)

    Interior of a Quonset hut?

  • Bunk buddies

    I originally thought that they could be father and son, stationed in the same barracks together, but seeing that the younger one has his trousers undone, I am now somewhat concerned . . . not least that ominous plague of flies zooming-in from the top…

  • Boots and bunk

    I have no idea if these are US Army boots or not - I just thought it an interesting photograph!

  • Latvian Army barrack room, 1934

    They would appear to have had an acute shortage of beds during 1934 - notice how several soldiers are standing around, waiting for their turn.

  • Two cute, shirtless Russian soldiers getting ready for bed

    The cutie on the right of picture appears to have dark circles under his eyes. I suppose he's up most of the night on manoeuvres . . .

  • A group of East European/Soviet sailors on a beach, circa 1930s

    I am afraid I can't identify the uniform with any certainty - probably Soviet, though they could, of course, be Bulgarian.

  • Three Russian Navy bodybuilders showing off their splendid bodies


  • Four gorgeous young Russian soldiers enjoying the sunshine in a town park

    I am sure you will all agree that this most certainly puts paid to the oft-quoted description of Russian having "potato faces"! I shall be extremely happy to "entertain" all three of the shirtless beauties at my country house this afternoon . . . i…

  • Six lusty, shirtless, and muscular, Russian soldiers marching towards us . . .

  • Thirteen incredibly sexy Soviet Army soldiers, circa 1970s

    Absolutely "drop-dead-gorgeous", each and every one of them! I feel inclined to put my "mark" upon all of them, but fear the resultant opprobrium . . . so in that case I have "marked" my "SPECIAL" choices!

  • Two East European soldiers posing in their swimwear, 1930s

    Either Soviet or, more probably, Bulgarian.

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