Miss Magnolia Thunderpussy's photos

  • The Clicquot Club Eskimos

    A remarkable banjo orchestra performing in Eskimo costume to appreciative audiences from 1925-1935.

  • Young flautist with strange hairstyle - Germany, 1900

  • Young violinist with music stand - Germany, early 1900s

  • Doris plays Enescu's Second Violin Sonata

    Doris Hanepoot was constantly being interrupted by her pussy, who would insist on jumping up on the piano stool and purring loudly.

  • A typical Australian family enjoying breakfast together in a Brisbane hotel

    Such an innovative use of lighting.. . it's turned Father quite brown.

  • Brisbane hotel's Breakfast Buffet - 1965

    Such care taken to prepare and display a dazzling array of exotric fruits, is rather let down by the cheap and nasty individual-portion sized cartons of breakfast cereal.

  • Breakfast tray - 1955

    How delightful . . .I wish Dymphna (my maid) would take note!

  • An American family at breakfast - possibly late 1920s or 1930s

  • Australian farm school - boys eating breakfast, 1954

  • Breakfast for coastal patrol flyers - USA, 1943

  • Campers at breakfast - 1933

    A most infuriating crop - I would wish to see more of the original photograph!

  • A veritable host of women having breakfast at a Florida country club - 1925

  • Wedding breakfast - USA, no date

    Quite an unusual setting - they would appear to be on a riover bank, with a large boat behind them. And who are the wedding couple?

  • Wedding breakfast - Australia, 1915

    All agreed that the patterned totem pole was the most original wedding gift they had ever seen.

  • Table set for a wedding breakfast - 1910

  • Two men having breakfast in Granville, North Dakota, 1937

  • Train crew having their breakfast at a diner - USA, 1943

  • Breakfast at a boys' summer camp - USA, 1930s

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