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  • Staff at the new swimming pool in Lebensmittelgesellschäftsdorf - late 1920s

    Annemarie Spiegelei, the only child of Herr and Frau Speigelei not to enter Holy Orders, brought opprobrium upon herself when she opened a swimming pool in the village of Lebensmittelgesellschäftsdorf and enticed five young farm workers to leave their plo…

  • Father and sons on a North German beach - 1928

  • Happy holidaymakers on a North German beach - 1929

  • Young brother and sister - Berlin, 1927

  • South German schoolboys with two Brothers - 1920s

  • German schoolboys with their class teacher - 1920s

    They look a most serious and unsmiling bunch, don't they?

  • German schoolgirls in their classroom - 1920s

  • Two girls in fancy dress - Germany, 1925

    I suspect they were a tap dancing duet.

  • Six young girls in a row - Germany, 1920s

  • Staff of a machine workshop - Germany, 1920s

    I have no idea what the machine is for . . .

  • Group of workers in a German factory - 1920s

  • Mother and her two young children - Germany, 1920s

  • Happy family and white garden bench - Germany, 1920s

    Scan of a vintage picture postcard.

  • Newly married couple photographed with their wedding presents - Germany, 1920s

    Hmmm . . . all very decorative, I am sure, but just how long are the flowers going to last them? And I see no wok!

  • Wedding party - Germany, 1921

  • Seven women typists in an office - Germany, 1920s

  • Office staff - Germany, 1917

  • Ladies at lunch - nd

    Possibly a party at their place of work?

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