Miss Magnolia Thunderpussy's photos

  • Old woman - early 20th century

  • Italian-looking lady

  • Woman on a stool - 1920s

  • Woman on a chair - studio portrait, early 1900s

  • Woman with heavy facial features - circa 1920s

  • Woman with hat and fur collar

    I am sorry, but the more I look at this photograph the more I am convinced it is a man!

  • Lady with large hat - possibly 1920s

  • Victorian studio portrait of a Domestic in her Sunday best

  • Strange scene in a German garden - 1930s

    If you look carefully at this photograph, you will see some strange things . . .

  • Men in a swimming pool - Germany , 1930s

  • Large group of men, and boys, in a rather fine open air swimming pool complex - Germany, 1930s

  • Group of handsome young men on a beach - possibly Germany,1930s

  • Acrobatics on a North German beach - 1930s

    Incredible - they are actually making that young boy disappear!

  • In a forest clearing - Germany, 1930s

  • Members of the 1936 German Olympic swimming team in a Berlin park - photograph by Leni Riefenstahl

  • Five shirtless young men with large pole - Germany, 1935

    Most peculiar . . .

  • Young man in swimming costume, lying back and enjoying a cigarette - Germany, 1930s

    I am most intrigued by the small case upon which his head is resting . . .

  • Group of men enjoying themselves on a Sunday afternoon on the Wannsee - Berlin, 1930s

    And look! One of them is playing that most delightful of instruments!!!

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