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  • Boy Scout of America #1

  • Boy Scouts enjoying a meal at their camp-site

  • Boy Scouts at a camp site

  • Boy Scouts exploring a small stream

    Prospecting for gold?

  • Boy Scouts cooking over an open fire at Camp Ranachqua - circa 1919

    I should point out, especially for those viewers who hail from the European side of the Atlantic, that Camp Ranachqua is part of the Ten Mile River Scout Camps (TMR) - a 12,000-acre (4,856 ha) camp near Narrowsburg, New York, owned and operated by the Gr…

  • Group of Boy Scouts from Ohio, 1951

  • Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts at camp - USA, early 20th Century

  • Eight Boy Scouts of America - late 1940s

  • American Boy Scouts - 1944

  • Art class at an International Scout Jamboree - mid-20th Century

    English Boy Scout, Tarquin Panderbody, could hardly believe his luck when he saw the recently arrived contingent from the USA - such handsome young men, who were only too willing to strip off and pose for him in their best Native American costumes.

  • Boy Scouts at a camp somewhere in the USA, circa mid-1940s

    Can you see the poster,which reads "Please Do Not Handle"? I wonder what that was all about . . . And they do lok rather old, and one of them most definitely has a cigarette in his mouth! Such louche behaviour - they could only have been from New York C…

  • Wrestling Team - 1900's

    What lovely socks!

  • Demonstration of a hold at a wrestling club - 1910

  • Two naked wrestlers - 1915

  • Handsome wrestlers - circa 1900

  • "Killer" Kowalski (1926-2008) #14

  • "Killer" Kowalski (1926-2008) #13

    From the Net.

  • "Killer" Kowalski (1926-2008) #12

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