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  • Teenage boy at stove - 1933

    What a good boy he is, helping his mother!

  • Man sitting beside a kitchen stove and reading a newspaper - circa 1915

    Scan of a vintage postcard.

  • A "dream kitchen" of the 1920s - USA

    That may be so, but it still looks a bit spartan to me . . .

  • Woman in her kitchen - USA, late 19th Century

  • Pickled peppers -1963

    Hmmm . . .I adore pickled peppers!

  • Woman preparing breakfast in a shack home in Oklahoma City - 1939

  • Kitchen utensils in a house in the Blue Ridge Mountains, Virginia (1930s)

    Viewers' comments from my Flickr posting of this atmospheric photograph:- derAmialtebloede: If I'm not mistaken, this was the very first crime scene photo ever taken by the police in Smyth County. The children all agreed that nothing had seemed even t…

  • Mummy's little helper . . .

  • Woman absolutely delighted with her Kenwood Mixer

    I wonder if it has really ever been used . . .

  • Woman with blender - 1955

    Such a lucky woman - how thoughtful and kind of her husband to have bought her a blender for Christmas! Now, I wonder where the husband is . . .

  • Cooking school for the Australian Army, 1941

  • Hospital kitchen - Melbourne, Australia - World War II

  • Australian soldiers working in the Victoria State Hospital kitchens - 1943

  • Australian hospital kitchen, 1943

  • Girls' cookery class - 1910

    They do not seem to be doing any cooking, but at least their deportment is tip-top! No adolescent slouching in this school!

  • Girls' cookery class - Ringamoora School, Australia, 1960

    Only four girls, busily making wombat cream pie I shouldn't wonder! And I am surprised that three of them are not wearing aprons - perhaps they are daughters of stockmen.

  • Woman preparing vegetables in her new 1955 kitchen

    She doesn't have much counter space . . .

  • A Polish miner in West Virginia starts cooking breakfast after his night shift - 1938

    Oh really, how awful . . .the man has not even removed his pit helmet, let alone washed his face and hands! I certainly would not wish to eat in this household . . .

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