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  • Shirtless US sailor posing in front of the fire boat and attempting to look ever-so "butch"

  • Ten US sailors, in various states of undress, standing on some sort of wharf/quay/dock

  • Shirtless US sailor posing on the fire boat

  • Sexy US sailor standing on the prow of a fire boat.

  • Muscular blond sailor playing with his hosepipe

    Pumping out the water from the bottom of the boat, perhaps?

  • Seven lusty US seamen, clad in form-hugging swimwear

    Possibly the crew of the fire boat?

  • Three affectionate US sailors in clinging swimwear

    Now where have I seen that handsome young one on viewer's extreme left, before? Why, yes, of course: www.ipernity.com/doc/57114/35563615 www.ipernity.com/doc/57114/35563617 A typical sailor . . . one in every port.

  • Oh my . . . oh my . . . oh my!

    Oh, really, this should not be allowed! I am somewhat overcome with lust when viewing this photograph - especially the two young, sexy "bookends". I really do not know where to look first! Can I possible have the one on viewer's extreme right, a…

  • Three very sexy, shirtless US sailors

    Now hear this, dear viewers - my "Pick of the Day" is most definitely the adorable creature sporting the dog-tags.

  • "Sacrificial lamb"

    Oh, the poor darling does not stand a chance with those two lechers! My word, but he IS a real cutie!

  • US servicemen sunbathing on deck

    I think most of these were probably sailors. Lordy, Lordy, one can almost smell the testosterone, mingled with sun tan oil . . .

  • Shirtless US Navy quintet posing on the quarter-deck

    Ok, there's is a "wardrobe malfunction" about to erupt, but quite frankly the only one in this group who tickles my fancy is the dark-haired, handsome chap on the viewer's left - back row. Does anybody feel the same? He has most impressive triceps .…

  • Four shirtless young US sailors no doubht up to a spot of mischief with the Captain's chair . . .

    But what are they holding, pray?

  • The crew of the "Lady"

    Hmmmm . . . highly suspicious. I have tried researching the name but so far have been unsuccessful.

  • A pair of cute, shirtless young sailors having some fun with their older, "Rubenesque" shipmate

    I have dedicated this photograph to Mr. Philly Guy, who recently alerted me to the use of the term "Rubenesque" when one would otherwise use such epithets as "fat", "chubby", "obese", etc., etc. www.ipernity.com/doc/187924/32879405 ;-)

  • Three shirtless young sailors, with their "admirers"

    I suppose the third "admirer" must have been taking the photograph.

  • Five US sailors lounging on deck

  • Four beefy US sailors on board a small craft, with a slight change of personnel

    Now the one with his hand across his face is more like it!!! ;-)

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