Miss Magnolia Thunderpussy's photos

  • Two grass skirt-wearing flautists

    I rather suspect they are not actually playing those instruments, although the fingering of the one on viewer's right seems authentic.

  • Man in a grass skirt, plucking his guitar

    But surely he is holding it the wrong way?

  • Well-nourished, shirtless man shaking his tambourine and giving us all a peace sign - allegedly

    Oh dear, no . . .

  • Clown banjo-player and kilt-wearing boy

    Completely mystifying . . . but it might appeal to Mr. Scumbeast.

  • Scary clown band, 1909

    Probably the most frightening clowns I have ever seen!

  • I have a sneaking suspicion they could have been of a "theatrical bent" . . .

    Any ideas, dear viewers?

  • Country and Western quartet

    I can't quite decide whether the one on viewer's left is a woman or a very effeminate man. Mind you, I have always had my suspicions about cowboys . . .

  • Most definitely one for your collection!

    Good Lord, I wonder what they sounded like? On second thoughts, some things are better not experienced . . .

  • Four Wehrmacht soldiers amusing themselves in a military hospital

  • US students chilling out in the days before drugs and rioting . . .

    Oh dear, I do believe the recumbent "Jock" is unfastening his fly . . .

  • Sultry US High school boys enduring a most riveting Thursday afternoon music lesson with Miss Dickstein

    I notice they do not appear to have any sheet music . . . perhaps she had them performing klezmer?

  • Silhouetted musicians

    I thought it high time I spoiled Mr. Scumbeast - knowing how much he looks forward to my occasional uploads of his favourite musical instrument! I have limited myself to just 18 photographs, as I did not wish to over-excite him. No, no, my dear Mr. Sc…

  • "Imagine Their Joy"

    I can only guess how delirious Mr. Scumbeast must be feeling! :-)

  • Now then, what do you think THIS is, Mr. Scumbeast???

    I really do like that tablecloth!

  • This is entertainment?

    One can only imagine the intellect of his audiences . . .

  • Such a wonderful musical instrument deserves a pretty border!

    Wouldn't you agree, Mr. Scumbeast?

  • Studio portrait of two boring old farts holding their musical instruments . . .

  • Two musicians meeting fortuitously outside a quaint little cottage

    I do so hope the guitarist has brought along his plectrum.