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  • Men with balls - five young basketball players

  • Men with balls - six young basketball players

    Some sort of magic ritual?

  • Men with balls - five, fit young men on a beach

    What a delightful scene! :-)

  • Men with balls - three teenage swimmers enthralled by a taller man

    I believe this may be a still photograph from the 1964 movie "Pajama Party" en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pajama_Party_(film )

  • Men with balls - sexy, shirtless couple sharing a rather small one

    The blond for me, please!

  • Men with balls - teenage miscreants

  • Men with balls - pool-playing marines

    I have to say that the one leaning over the table is most attractive! (The other one reminds me of a horse)

  • Men with balls - Showing off

    Pretty impressive, I suppose - I have never come across a man gifted with more than two. Perhaps I did not frequent the right places?

  • Men with balls - Oooh, I say, is that a "love ball"?

    I only ask, because I have never seen one before.

  • Men with balls - studio portrait of an affectionate couple

    Hmmm . . . there is something ever so slightly disturbing about this photograph.

  • Men with balls - handsome young swimmer tossing his Easter Egg up in the air

    Of course, I fully understand that some poor, deluded colonials might call that "thing" a "football" . . . oh dear . . . *sigh*

  • Men with balls - shirtless man about to hurl his Easter Egg in a fit of pique

  • Men with balls - hairy-chested sportsman posing in a bathroom with his pathetically light-weight dumbbell and what appears to be a segmented Easter Egg

  • Hairy-chested boxer working up a sweat on the speedball

    I am so glad he was able to inflate it.

  • Some more extremely hunky boxers for your edification and delectation . . .

    My word, I almost regret having already made my "Pick" ("Keeping it in the family"). Maybe, just maybe, I might share the award with these shirtless colossuses/colossi [what IS the plural of this word?]

  • Three boxers in a ring together

    What rules are these, pray? Lord Queensberry would have had a fit!

  • Boxing team posing with their winning trophy

    And just look at the loving couple in the centre! Are they holding hands?

  • The smiling faces of a boxing team

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