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  • HMS Victory Interwar Period Group of Sailors, taken in Manchester

  • I guess the leader was called d Rusty. . .

  • not a good place to land

    Didcot cooling tower

  • Elbtal mit Mohnblüten - Elbvalo kun floroj de la papavo

    Mit dem Auto fahre ich immer vorbei - erst beim Radfahren steige ich ab zum Fotografieren - das Foto gefällt mir :-) per la aŭto mi preterrapidas - nur se mi biciklas - mi fotas - la foto eĉ plaĉas al mi :-)

  • Reflected light.

    Happy shiny week ahead. *************************** Also for George......... www.ipernity.com/home/georges-pignet and Patrick www.ipernity.com/home/242570 they love reflections.

  • Deudeuche

  • the working man

    By Teasy

  • handsome swimmer 1940'

    It is a little blurry but I had to upload this pic here!

  • the only way to put on a Dreiecksbadehose!!! July 1943

    this is THE moment one can catch when you put on that type of bathing suit! 1 in a million!

  • very cute kid in a nice dreiecksbadehose 1940'

    Look at the lace up!

  • tumblr lxl1w3n4mE1qg30kdo1 500

  • tumblr lx9yjxrQ4X1qg30kdo1 500

  • the winner

  • "At the sea", Sergey Pichugin. 1939

    На море. - Сергей Пичугин

  • "At the beach", Sergey Pichugin. 1927

    На пляже. - Сергей Пичугин

  • "Borovoye Resort", Sergey Pichugin. ca 1930

    Курорт Боровое. - Сергей Пичугин

  • "Day off in a military camp", Sergey Pichugin. 1940s

    Выходной в военных лагерях. - Сергей Пичугин

  • "Shower. After the battle", Aleksandr Deyneka. 1937-42

    Душ. После боя. - Александр Дейнека

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