Farmer and teenage son -  Germany, early 1930s

Teenagers in vintage photographs

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  • Farmer and teenage son - Germany, early 1930s

  • Farmer's teenage son skiing with some younger friends - Germany, 1930s

  • Farmer's teenage son in a suit, with another youth and an older man - Germany, 1935

    I wonder what the occasion was which necessitated the two younger men wearing suits?

  • Farmer's son - 1931

  • Two best friends - Germany, 1930s

  • Two teenage boys posing proudly beside their bicycles - Germany, 1930s

  • Teenage friends - Germany, 1930s

  • Two good friends - Germany, 1930s

  • Two teenage friends with dachshund - Germany, late 1920s

  • Teenage boys playing cards - Germany, mid 1930s

    Oh dear, they seem to have become bored by their chess game. I do hope they are not gambling, or playing any "rude" card game . . .you know what teenage boys are like!

  • Seven German teenagers in the snow - 1930s

    Up to no good, I'll wager!

  • Teenage boys playing chess - Germany, mid 1930s

    What a delightful scene!

  • Teenage hikers posing for the camera - Germany, 1930s

    Not for these youngsters the excitement of mugging old ladies, or scrawling rude words on the walls of cottages , , ,no, they much prefer to go on long hikes in the countryside, playing an accordion and singing lusty songs. One can forgive them their si…

  • Two teenage boys on a hike - Germany, mid 1930s

  • Two young men beside a swimming hole - Germany, 1930s

  • Baker's boy with pretzels - Germany, 1930s

    I wonder why he has his left arm behind his back?

  • Two teenagers hugging in front of changing lockers at an open-air swimming pool - Germany, 1930s

  • Nuns at dinner - circa 1960s

    The young man looks decidedly embarrassed (he'd probably committed the sin of Onan earlier in the morning), while the girl seems mesmerised by the two Sisters. The woman facing us on the left of picture just wished the two nuns had chosen another table.…

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