• Five young men on a beach - circa 1910

  • Three young men with a huge surfboard

  • Man on a beach

    Another photogrpah of a man in swiming costume facing the viewer, while his companion - presumably a woman? - lies on the sand facing away from us.

  • Man and woman beside a swimming pool

    I have always been intrigued by this photograph - he stares resolutely out at us, as if he were the subject of the photograph. Yet the eye is drawn towards the woman in that strange costume, with her back turned to the viewer.

  • Handsome young swimmer leaning against a tree trunk - circa late 1920s or early 1930s

    One is tempted to add the expression " a nice piece of wood", but hesitates to do so in case one is thought too outré. . .

  • Studio portrait of a man in swimming costume - early 20th Century

  • Two swimmers - 1920s

    I think they may have been quite "good friends" . . .

  • Three men and a dog - 1950s

  • Three handsome young men standing beside a swimming pool

  • Swimmers at St. Kilda, Victoria - Australia, 1945

    Good Heavens - some of them are starkers!

  • Group of handsome young swimmers - Australia, late 1930s

  • Father and son performing acrobatics on a deserted beach - circa 1920s

  • Amateur Swimming Association men's swimming team - New South Wales, Australia - 1930s

  • Five young men in wet swimming costumes - Australia, circa 1930

  • Young men swimming off a ferry on the Murray River - Australia, 1925

  • Youths on a diving board - 1930

  • Four Australian swimmers wearing shoes - 1930

    No doubt they were scared stiff of catching any veruccas!

  • Two handsome swimmers climbing out of a swimming pool - Australia, 1935

    I have always loved this one!

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