• Smiling buddies

    So cute . . .

  • Hands on hips - early 20th Century

  • Two shirtless seamen

  • Two shirtless seamen working on deck - circa World War II

    Slightly blurry this one, I am afraid.

  • Very handsome seaman on board an aircraft carrier - World War II

  • Three sailors playing with a teddy bear - 1944

    At least I hope they are playing with the teddy bear, and that we are not eye-witnesses to some gross display of carnal lust!

  • Three young sailor friends - World War II

  • Group of US sailors enjoying Apple Week - 1925

  • US sailor wth rifle - World War II

    Viewers may care to note that I posted another photograph of this same US sailor on the 17th October, 2009: http://www.ipernity.com/doc/57114/628835 2

  • Two buddies on deck - circa late 1940s

  • US seamen - circa 1930s

  • Two US seamen - circa 1930s

  • Bootcamp buddies - circa 1930s

    A photograph which was originally uploaded to the now defunct GHP Group.

  • A very sexy young sailor from World War II

  • Buddies

    Posted on the HP Group.

  • Handsome sailor having a smoke - World War II

  • Two young sailors on the deck of an aircraft carrier - World War II

  • Sunbathing US seaman in a provocative pose - World War II

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