Nuns in the garden - 1963

Vintage Nuns & Sisters - An album for "old habits"!

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Nuns in the garden - 1963

Nun with an eye patch

Sister Rogerina de Salles-Torquemada was reputed to have lost her left eye in a fight with a Jehovah's Witness who came calling at her convent. Observent viewers will recognise this delightful lady, but I thought it might be fun to include the original comments as well - even though dear Phreddy was deleted soon after: RickSTL: She reminds me of Sister Ann Rita, a Sister of Charity who taught me in primary school. Tough old girl, too, if not a little frustrated. There are stories...wherever doth the R…

The Nuns' picnic

What a scrumptious cake it looks - no doubt full of wombat creme and aardvark molasses! Yum, yum.

A smiling nun.

A welcome THIRD appearance, to some of you. of my Dear Sisters! How I adored this habit of the "Daughters of Charity" . . .so much more elegant than the contemporary unform.

Sister of the Society of the Sacred Heart holding a koala - early 1960s

Nuns playing baseball

Nun with parrot

Sister Gertrude Saxifraga, O.S.B., had been a female pirate before entering the convent, but had been allowed to keep her parrot. . . how kind of the Reverend Mother!

Nuns at dinner - circa 1960s

The young man looks decidedly embarrassed (he'd probably committed the sin of Onan earlier in the morning), while the girl seems mesmerised by the two Sisters. The woman facing us on the left of picture just wished the two nuns had chosen another table. Foir amusing comments from a previous posting of this photograph:- derAmialtebloede: They always wait for you to pick up the tab, you know. Miss Magnolia Thunderpussy: But where do they come from? derAmialtebloede: The restaurant proprietor -…

Nuns playing basketball - possibly Australia, 1960s

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