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  • "Jan & I"

    The last time I saw udders like that was on a cow!

  • I suspect this may be "Jack & I" again . . .

    . . . but the "I" has since decided that perhaps he might look better in dark, matching swimwear. Well, that just about confirms my suspicion about these two . . .

  • "Jack & I" [sic]

    The one in the lighter-coloured swimwear is rather outstanding - I wonder if he was the "I"?

  • Five US soldiers posing on a beach with a dog

    As I am coming down with yet another head cold, dear viewers, I am taking the liberty of whisking away the tallest one here, in black swimwear, and with an assortment of what look to be religious medals . . . I am sure he would do me far more good tha…

  • Gi threesome in the water

    I have a feeling I may already have posted this one - several years ago . . . But heavens, what a fine, handsome and eminently beddable young man he is to be sure, on left of picture!

  • Muscular US serviceman posing on a beach, clasping his bellows camera

    Hmmm . . . not enough muscle definition, definitely water-retentive. I wonder if he has been taking poor-quality anabolic steroids?

  • A dozen US soldiers posing in their swimwear

    Harrumph, easy to see who's the favourite among this lot!

  • Five affectionate US Army swimmers

    Please forgive me, if they are indeed not soldiers . . . can anyone identify the flag behind them? And what on earth is an upright piano doing there???

  • A group of US soldiers in some sort of loggia, perhaps adjacent to an open-air swimming pool

  • Exhibitionist US soldier

  • Affectionate US soldier couple

    But surely, dear viewer, that is the height of affection - looking for head lice?

  • Tall US Marine with his two young "acolytes"

    I'll have the "acolyte" standing with his hands alongside his thighs . . .

  • Strange behaviour among the US military

    Perhaps there is a reason for the attitudes of the two on extreme left of picture? I have to say, though, that the one on extreme right of picture is rather cute!

  • A little bit of coercion . . .

    The word had soon got/gotten around the camp about the Colonel's insatiable demands upon certain of the more handsome and "well-favoured" men. Many had witnessed hitherto fit comrades stagger out of his tent in the early morning and immediately report t…

  • I have simply no idea . . .

  • US servicemen enjoying an Alfresco luncheon

    I am most awfully sorry, but I simply can't abide men who chew their food with their mouths open, no matter how handsome, muscular, or virile they may be!

  • US soldier with his two . . . "acolytes"

    Well, it is quite obvious that they both adore him!

  • Three US soldiers topping-up their tans

    I can't quite make out whether these three are sitting on a roof, or in a photographer's studio . . either way, my perfectly blue eyes keep drifting towards the one seemingly with a fascination for his groin . . .

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