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  • German soldiers having a little sing-song together in their barrack

  • Shirtless Wehrmacht soldier getting ready to entertain his comrades

  • German soldiers having a hoedown

    Of course, he could just be suffering from an acute attack of cramp in his leg.

  • RAD* boys getting drunk on beer and the stirring music of two squeeze-boxes

    Mr. Scumbeast will be over-joyed by this photograph - not one but TWO of his beloved instruments! * = RAD (Reichsarbeitsdienst - Reich Labour Service)

  • Saturday night frolics for a group of young Werhmacht recruits confined to barracks

    I suppose that is why they are dancing together . . . (Formerly for sale on Ebay)

  • Four shirtless young German soldiers, sitting outside their bunker, enjoying the sun and some accordion playing

    Such a wonderful use of this most regal of musical instruments, to keep their spirits up before the imminent Soviet attack.

  • Four handsome young Wehrmacht soldiers, huddled together on a large blanket, enjoying some inspiring accordion music

  • US servicemen bathing in a secluded spot

    And in the far distance, one can discern a couple of naked men - but, alas, not clearly, so that I feel that this photograph is probably "safe" for general viewing.

  • Nine naked US soldiers in a shallow river

    Third from right of picture (seen by the viewer) for me, please! I notice that at least two of them are holding cigarettes - surely they would have got soggy?

  • Four naked US soldiers covering their modesty for the sake of any Ipernity censors who may be viewing

    How jolly considerate of them!

  • Handsome, shirtless US soldier sitting on a bed

    And now, back to the plot . . . I really can not understand why this sequence was hijacked by those photographs of naked men!

  • "Brawny young crew-cut athlete" sitting on the edge of a bed, while he puts his socks on

    I always admired this particular physique model from the 1960s!

  • USAAF serviceman sitting on his bed, wearing a most fetching gas mask

    But, more to the point, what on earth are those two projections sticking-up from his head? We most certainly need answers to this one!

  • Three US soldiers having some fun in their barrack hut

    This is SO weird!

  • Shirtless, flabby US soldier rousing himself from his camp bed

    What a contrast between the "overly-nourished" soldier and that fine, erect, slim and healthy young man! Why, "lard-arse" can hardly raise himself up from his camp bed!

  • Two extremely affectionate US soldiers playing havoc with the bed springs

  • Extremely handsome, blond US soldier making sure his "friend" takes his medicine like a "good boy"

    I am extremely taken by the "extremely handsome, blond US soldier", and wish he could administer to my needs whenever I am in bad health - I would swallow anything he had to offer!

  • Affectionate US Army couple

    Is that "Poe" or "Pooh"?

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