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Boys in unidentifiable uniform on a boat - Germany, 1930s

I have absolutely no idea where this was taken, other than in Germany. And what an intriguing uniform they are all wearing!

Group of US Marines in their barracks -1956

No doubt singing that famous USMC song: M-I-C-K-E-Y M-O-U-S-E

US Marine bathing in a Korean river - 1951

Mail call for US Marines stationed in Bougainville - World War II

US sailors and marines dancing at a Wellington nightclub - World War II

Not together, of course! Oh, I don't know, though . . .maybe later on after the marines have had a can or two?

US marines stopping for a breather after a route-march around Wellington, New Zealand - World War II

US marines on 'liberty passes' have their clothes mended by willing volunteers at the Red Cross's Cecil Club, Wellington, New Zealand - World War II

"Now then, young man, if I have to sew up the pockets of your trousers once more, I'm going to tell your Lieutenant. A man of your age should not be playing with himself, you know! "Gee, ma'am" [blush, blush] "I wasn't doin' anything rude - I've just got long fingy-nails" "Harrumph, a likely story, young man!"

US marine showing a New Zealand lady his horn - World War II

She looks very impressed . . .no doubt later he will be showing her his embouchure!

US marines ordering sodas and sundaes at the American Red Cross's Cecil Club, Wellington New Zealand - World War II

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