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Eleven German students and one bicycle - 1920s

I do hope they were good about taking turns on it.

Teenage girl standing beside her bicycle - Germany, 1920s

1920s German family with bicycle

Were mother and daughter meeting father on his way home from work, or were they going shopping together . . .

Cyclist - Germany, circa 1910

Now is this a one-legged bicyclist . . . .or is his left leg deftly hidden?

Young man in cloth cap standing astride his bicycle - Germany, circa 1920s

Sutter Brothers - Salto Cyclisten, Danzig

The Sutter Brothers - somersualting cyclists. I would imagine the act would not bear repeated viewing. [Scan of a vintage picture postcard]

June  4, 2009

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Affectionate teenagers - circa 1920s

Originally posted on the now defunct GHP Group. A perplexing couple - is the cyclist a messenger boy, with that cap? And the other chap is wearing a derby hat with very formal clothes . . .

Woman and bicycle - Germany, possibly late 1920s or early 1930s

Two men on a tandem - 1939

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