Miss Magnolia Thunderpussy's photos

Father and two sons in Scout uniform - USA< 1940s

I think they may be trying to indicate that they are hungry . . .

I have no idea where or when this was taken.

US boy scouts at their forest camp-site - 1940s

A few of them look as though they are not enjoying the experience . . .

Eight young representatives of the Boy Scouts of America - possibly 1950s

British boy scout acting very suspiciously in his parents' back garden - circa 1930s

Three scouts from the Netherlands - 1930s

They are currently working on their "Climber's badge".

US boy scouts queueing/forming a line, for their dinner - 1930s

US scouts camping in the woods - circa 1930s

Apparently, they like to do that a lot . . .usually at night.

Group of English boy scouts on a sandy beach - possibly 1950s

These intrepid Boy Scouts have assembled in these dunes to be tested for their "Naturist Badge" . . .I do hope the sun stays out. Strange, I can not remember seeing a cigarette card with this badge portrayed . . .perhaps it will turn up!
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