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Shirtless at Christmas

Even on Christmas Day, Stanley refused to wear a shirt.

GI Santa

Most strange - whether it's the unbuttoned tunic or those strange markings in the top right corner, I don't know. It looks like an illustration by Norman Rockwell.

US soldier enjoying Christmas

Yet another example of the torture one is obliged to undergo during this ridiculous festival.

Three brothers crouching in front of their parents' Christmas tree

None of them look particularly happy, do they? And such a squat tree!

"Drop-dead" gorgeous, hunky US sailor, showing just a hint of chest hair

I truly believe I may be in love again . . . today. But there's no way on earth I would grant him ingress into my well-appointed inner sanctum with that tobacco pipe!

Young US sailor showing-off his biceps brachii

Fine - but I think he may need to work on his forearms a bit.

Hairy-chested physique model wearing a biker's cap

I am sure I have posted other photographs of this 1960s' model - but for the life of me, I can not remember his name. It has been a tiring day, after all . . .

Handsome bodybuilder, with obviously sprayed-on "sweat"

No matter - those arms are truly divine.

Handsome muscular physique model

A recent photograph, I fancy.
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