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Five off-duty US soldiers having fun on a beach

This there a certain atmosphere of homoeroticism in this photograph, do you think?

US soldiers relaxing on a beach, being disturbed by a "well-nourished" local inhabitant who wishes to interest them in the charms of his female relations

They're not taking the slightest notice of him, are they? Which confirms my suspicion . . .

Off-duty US soldiers relaxing on the beach with their "lady friends"

Well, I think it high time we got back to the plot! There have been far too many examples of youthful and amusing photographs uploaded on my Site in the past week or so . . . enjoy these prime examples of beef! I am most interested in the behaviour of the three men centre right of picture. (From the Archives of Time-Life Magazine)

Four inmates of the Ashland (Ohio) State Institute enjoying an afternoon of country dancing

The start of Mother's dementia

Agnes was horrified. Her mother had never before acted in this way, and in front of her school-friend, too!

Winnie Nugent posing in her new platinum blonde wig

How . . . lovely.

The poor boy . . .

He really does not stand a chance, does he?

How to put the fear of God into anyone

Possibly one of the most frightening photographs I have ever uploaded, for which my apologies.
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