Miss Magnolia Thunderpussy's photos

Teenage swimmer posing beside the pool

Spoilt rich kid testing to see if the butler has heated the family pool to the required temperature

Teenage swimmers holding hands at the pool

Hmmmm . . . unusual behaviour.

Two teenagers in a pool

There's something quite strange about this one - whether it is the composition or the fact that they remind me of two hippopotamuses wallowing in the water . . .

Mother and teenage son enjoying an afternoon swim in their pool

Four pals at the pool

Five cute young men posing for the cameraman

My good friend, the Reverend Arbuthnot Margolloes, regularly holds pool parties in his large, secluded garden, and kindly invites many of the local young men . . . such a philanthropist!

Theodore Nosepicker III entertaining three of his grandchildren at his outdoor pool

Oh dear, a pot belly AND carpet slippers . . .

Now, where have we seen these two handsome men before?

Ah, yes: www.ipernity.com/doc/57114/28238949/in/keyword/410850/self www.ipernity.com/doc/57114/28238949/in/keyword/410850/self And yes, Mr. Jack Bulldog, one can still see a "lot of fat" in the swimming attire! ;-)