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  • Five US soldiers posing in front of their tent

    Two very handsome young men on viewer's right, I think - they could surely grace a cat-walk in Milan!

  • Six young US Army recruits in their barrack

  • Four young US Army recruits in their barrack

    Hmmm . . . intriguing show of upper thigh there, young man!

  • Four shirtless US soldiers - circa 1960s

  • Four US soldiers posing with their searchlight

    - at least, I think that is what it is.

  • Three shirtless young US soldiers, with their pet monkey

    This photograph I humbly dedicate to Mr. Mr. Rubber Ducky, who seems to have a fascination with monkeys and corporal punishment, for some unearthly reason.

  • Three affectionate US soldiers - circa 1960s

    I am pretty sure that I have uploaded this one before - my apologies, of course, but can you really blame me for, perhaps, introducing some new viewers to that "drop-dead-gorgeously-sexy-hunk-in-the-H awaiian shirt"??? I still dream about him, and th…

  • Two shirtless US soldiers flexing for the camera, in front of a most splendid array of Quonset huts

    Hmmm . . . quite frankly, I would not kick either of them out of my bed on a dark night - if only they would stop sucking-in!

  • Shirtless US soldier cleaning his gun - Korean War

  • Outside the "Quartermaster's Office"

    Hmmm . . . why waste words when one has this splendid example of two Quartermasters hard at work?

  • US soldier with his "friend"

    And such lovely gleaming white teeth - just like a row of tombstones!

  • Two affectionate members of the US Army Air Force

    Silly fools . . .

  • Two affectionate, off-duty US Marines enjoying a bit of sight-seeing, somewhere in the Far East


  • Handsome US Marine somewhat excited about being photographed outside the "Officers' Mess"

  • Four US Marines acting rather suspiciously

    Good Lord, are those two holding hands?????

  • Young US Marine wearing large sunglasses

    Attempting to look "cool", or hiding dark circles?

  • Young US Marine with a splendid name

  • Cute, snub-nosed young US Marine

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