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Uh Oh! - Set 6 Scene 15

Uh Oh! - Set 6 Scene 15
Uh Oh! - Set 6 Scene 15

M645/80mm f4 macro, HP5+, DDX, 1/15th - f5.6, Galere #3, Ilford MG Dev.

Our perpetrators have jumped ahead in the series. In this segment they have just escaped from prison and tunneled their way out. This part was inspired by so many prison escape movies ala George Raft and Cagney movies. I went to the mountains for a week and KNEW I couldn't waste the scenery to work these in the Noir series so I jumped ahead to the prison break. These were filmed on location. Most of them were shot on a very steep incline and I was often sliding down the rocky terrain while I was clicking the shutter. There was no place to grab a foot hold. Thanks for stopping by. :)

This series should be viewed as a story. To get the narrative please view under the album for proper sequencing of images.

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I agree with Joey, I'm enjoying following this story too! :-)
3 years ago.
Varya Vontaggen has replied to Lila
That's awesome, Lila! Comments like that inspire me to keep going with it. Thank you and have a great day!
3 years ago.