Oh, harsh change of topic reffering to the previous one... :-P

Girl without Pearl Earing

Still busy :-( ___ I have a cropped version of this, but I rather like this one.

Behind the Curtain

Those Days are gone

Tried a really old looking post-processing. I love history and the story behind things. So I found it appropriate, to edit this one that way. It´s like a revue-dancer had given away this pic as a remembrance to someone special..

Whispering Words

Thanks for the butterfly! ____ As long as I don´t manage to shot something new, I post this one, which was posted on Flickr a while ago. Again a new post-processing-style, playing around with layers etc. But I accidentally saved the file and the layers and fills after converting it to sRGB (which flattens the pic to one layer), so the whole process is gone. I´ve no idea, what I´ve done :-)

Enviously staring at the star

Vintage Wheel

Tried a different post-processing.. _____ Thanks to leschick for the layer!
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