• The Valley

    I should give it a try in color one day. This one is from the tour on the great ocean road down under in victoria. the roads length is round about 250 km, and it took us four days to make it. well, 5, to be accurate, but the last day was just the way b…

  • Perfect Day for a Sunburn

    Today I took the ferry from Sydney to Manly. Beautiful day but it was rather hot. I had a bad headache, got bitten by one crazy ant and hurt myself on a shell. Well, at least the sunset was worth it!

  • Crossing

    Darling Harbour is a beautiful place! I like it even more than the famous harbour with the Harbour Bridge! Though it's really beautiful there as well!

  • St. Mary's Cathedral

  • Turn the lights off

  • Longing

  • The way that lies ahead

    ...well, not really. actually, it lies behind me. we rented a camper van for a couple of days and drove the famous and absolutely to-do-when-in-Australia-Great Ocean Road. The trip lasted five days. it was one of the best things i´ve done in my life so fa…

  • Sunset

    Me sitting in the sun at Kogarah, an eastern suburb of Sydney. Was going to the beach..

  • Lebenszeichen

  • Finally, Australia!

  • Splish-Splash

  • Afterglow

    in four weeks I´m off to australia for six months.

  • Twinkle Wheel

  • Portrait of a Hero

    Using the 50mm, 1.8 with a close-up ring.

  • Thyme

    Using the 50mm, 1.8 with a close-up ring.

  • Feast

    "Damfgegart" (steam cooked) is that much healthier *purrrr* My birthday-feast (i´m a leo, you know) :-) ____ My 100th picture. A better opportunity to clink glasses, because my birthday is long over :-)

  • Hay Bale Season

    With an high amount of ambition and only wearing flip-flops I went over a sharp and spiky stubblefield for shooting this pic. And yes, my feet were harmed by this mission. But they are doing well right now ;-) Furthermore I strengthened a personal convic…

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