July 13 work day 006

House construction 2008

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  • July 13 work day 006

    Using diamond cup wheel to grind top surface of grouted blocks smooth for mud sill.

  • July 15 work 006

    Waterproofing on back wall of house down to footing, will be backfilled with leach rock after installation of 4" perf pipe and fabric.

  • DSCN1826

    Shoveling brush chips. Lot was completely covered in dense brush at time of purchase.

  • DSCN2215

    Foam Experts crew finishing up on spray-foam on back foundation wall.

  • Pour Day 010

    Pouring of house footings

  • DSCN2204

    Foam Experts from Redding insulating perimeter of crawl-space. House will have conditioned crawl-space.

  • DSCN2203

    Spray foam about 1/2 way through installation Product is 3# roofing foam, about R7.1 per inch.

  • DSCN2190

    Dumping sand into house crawl-space.

  • DSCN2184

    Leach Concrete crew working on garage slab

  • DSCN2181

    Grout pumped into CMU block walls. Garage slab poured.

  • DSCN2170

    Start of 8X8X16 block foundation for house.

  • DSCN2074

    Retaining wall finished. Wall is 4' Tall Pavestone / Anchor Highland series block, wall is about 140 feet long from end to end.

  • DSCN2070

    Another picture of the retaining wall, all of it was done by us.

  • DSCN2064

    Retaining wall about 1/2 finished, rock and drain pipe behind wall to control any water from the hillside.

  • DSCN2054

    John Deere 644 loader that was used to load most of the 600+ yards that were hauled off.

  • DSCN1908 copy

    First excavation done on lot. Driveway was cut to about 19% grade with rented skid steer in 6 hours.

  • DSCN1872

    1939 Caterpillar D2 dozer that was borrowed from a friend to clear all of the brush. It was a lot of fun to operate.

  • DSCN1840

    Very scary drum chipper powered by a 318 mopar engine. By far this thing is the most frightening piece of equipment I have ever been around. Worked very well to reduce an huge amount of brush to about 80 yards of chips.

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