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  • vegetable vendor

    Street capture of a vegetable vendor at the Pushkar market street...... crossed-eye & crippled hand, she still managed to dispense off the morning vegetables to waiting customers.

  • Old woman of Pushkar Rajasthan

    Old, feeble & meek, she tried to conceal her blind eye from my camera lens but in the process, revealed the collection of ethnic rings on her wrinkled fingers.

  • Sadhu in Varanasi

    Early morning capture of a hindu sadhu at the River Ganges Dashaswamedh ghats........he was so skinny, sitting in an upright meditation posture with collar bones protruding but yet looking so fresh & ready to greet the brand new day, and everyday.

  • hindu pilgrim

    Street portrait of a hindu pilgrim in Haridwar

  • Once upon a time in Rishikesh........

    Street portrait of a hindu sadhu in Rishikesh Uttarakhand India.

  • man in blue

    Street capture of a hindu sadhu in Rishikesh all dressed in deep blue with matching turban & a red head band for contrast.

  • Compassion

    Street capture of an old feeble Indian woman at the holy city of Haridwar.

  • the hindu shrine keeper

    Street capture of an old Rajasthani woman in Pushkar tending to the upkeeping of a small hindu shrine.

  • old & sometimes forgotten..........

    Portrait of an old Rajasthani woman in the desert outskirt of Pushkar, often without family or abandoned by families to fend for themselves against the desert environment & homelessness.

  • Hindu Sadhu in Varanasi

    Street portrait of a hindu sadhu at the bathing ghats of Varanasi.....I waited & watched for 15 minutes for him to complete his ablution, grooming & prayers before I asked him for his portrait.

  • Rajasthani desert tribal woman

    Portrait of an old Rajasthani woman captured at the Pushkar camel fair. She had a large nose ring, typical of many Rajasthani desert women & the price she paid was a torn nose lobe probably from daily use or an unfortunate accident......a small price for…

  • flower lady

    Street capture of an Indian woman selling flowers & garlands at the local temple in Kumbakonam, Tamil Nadu India.

  • sadhu in Pashupatinath

    Portrait of a hindu sadhu in Pashupatinath temple complex in Kathmandu Nepal.

  • Pilgrim in Haridwar

    Portrait of a hindu pilgrim at the River Ganges ghats in Har-ki-Pauri in Haridwar.......alone, pondering, quietly meditating & watching the river flow, on occasions he had done thousands of times before.

  • Once upon a time...........

    Once upon a time when I was young and life was good...........Portrait of a wandering mendicant among the holy ghats of Pushkar Rajasthan, for 3 days I saw him wandering around collecting bits of rubbish & anything that appeared edible, I could not help m…

  • old man of Pushkar

    Street capture of an old & very frail man at the Vada Ghat in Pushkar Rajasthan.....he was seen inspecting & admiring an old wrist watch probably given to him by a passerby or tourist.

  • old man of Haridwar India

    Portrait of an old man by the bathing ghats of River Ganges in Haridwar India

  • sadhu in Varanasi India

    a monochrome street portrait of a hindu sadhu in the Dashashwamegh ghat in Varanasi India.

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