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  • Street Violonist...

    in Budapest

  • Maria Callas...Arie Celebri

    ... '' On Stage I am in the dark '' MARIA CALLAS

  • Amalia,my favourite model this summer

    In Porto Rafti beach

  • Season Chapter: Autumn

  • Autumn Beauty

  • In The Field

  • Yellow Butterfly

  • Prague,Strahov Monastery

  • Tu Quieres Volver...

  • Ζωναράδικος - Ζοnaradikos

    ... Traditional dance from Thrace

  • Aboard

    Sailing to Piraeus

  • Mount Athos,Docheiariou Monastery

  • It's a Hot Hot Summer...

    Aliki beach in Poros island

  • O Soleee Miooo.....!!!!!!!!

  • First Athens Cemetery

  • El Greco,The Dormition of the Virgin(before 1567)

    Tempera and gold on panel, 61,4x45 cm Holy Cathedral of the Dormition of the Virgin,Ermoupolis ,Syros,Greece El Greco' signature on the base of the central candelabrum was discovered in 1983. This discovery constituted a significance advance in the under…

  • Σίφνος,ναός Παναγίας Πουλάτης - Sifnos,church of Panaghia Poulati

    Εορτάζει στις 15 Αυγούστου,Κοίμηση της Θεοτόκου..!! It is celebrated on the 15th of August,the Dormition of Panaghia-Madonna..!!

  • Σίφνος,ναός της Παναγίας της Πουλάτης - Sifnos,church of Panaghia Poulati

    Πολύς κόσμος συγκεντρώνεται εκεί την παραμονή της 15ης Αυγούστου για το Πανηγύρι..!! Many people are gathered every year on the 15th of August for the celebration of the Dormition of Madonna..!

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