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  • Cigna lago

    Cigna lago
    By Elza

  • Saluton!

    By Elza

  • To Sing is an Expression of Your Being...

    ... ...a Being that is Becoming. Maria Callas

  • Vanessa Cardui


  • Wien - Stephansdom


  • Wien - Am Stephansdom


  • DSCN0473

    26.4.2016 západ slunce duha

  • Under the Greek sky - Meteora

  • Mallorca

  • Opéra de Paris - Le Foyer de la Danse

    La danc-salono (en "La Fantomo de l'Operejo").


    Nur la montaro daŭre estas neĝkovrita.

  • * Be My Valentine *

  • Sweet Almond Flowers...Άνθη Αμυγδαλιάς


  • Maria Callas...Mira O Norma

    ... Vincenzo bellini (1801-1835) Mira O Norma (Norma, Act II scene two) Maria Callas (Norma) - Ebe Stignani (Adalgisa) Coro e orchestra del teatro alla Scala Conducted by Tullio Serafin 1954


    .. When death comes it is never our tenderness that we repent from, but our severity.

  • Jerusalem,Visiting the Orthodox Patriarchate

    «Χαίρε Σιών, Αγία Μήτηρ των Εκκλησιών, Θεού κατοικητήριον συ γαρ εδέξω πρώτη, άφεσιν αμαρτιών, διά της Αναστάσεως» "Hail Zion,Holy Mother of the Churches...God's Dwelling,You accepted first of all the forgiveness of the sins through the Resurrection." A…

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