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Summer in the City

14 Jun 2009 13 22 523
Mittlerer Schlossgarten - This part of the park is now bulldozed to make way for the controversial new railway station. Stuttgart 21, the "best planned project if all time" getting more expensive by the hour...

Mahnmal für die Opfer des Nationalsozialismus

06 Sep 2019 46 82 364
SSC: something in the shape of a cube The memorial by Elmar Daucher consists of 4 black granite blocks. Between the blocks on a granite slab are words by Ernst Bloch: 1933-1945 Verfemt Verstossen Gemartert (outlawed outcast tortured ) Erschlagen Erhängt Vergast (slain hanged gassed) Millionen Opfer (millions of victims) Der Nationalsozialistischen Gewaltherrschaft (of the Nazi tyranny ) Beschwören Dich: ( implore you: ) Niemals wieder! (Never again!) Alternative photo: Kunstmuseum Stuttgart

Rythm of the night;-)

21 Feb 2019 41 78 340
Spelling errors are the graffiti artist's copyright;-) HFF, folks!


21 Feb 2019 51 52 385
Im Weißenburgpark

Pedestrian overpass

12 Apr 2018 45 81 485
SSC: Bridges This 1960s concrete (pedestrian) bridge leads to Stuttgart's Weißenburgpark. It's no beauty and was difficult to photograph because of parked cars and colourless skies. I had other plans but on the only day I had time to go out with my camera public transport went on strike;-)

Shapes (PiP)

24 May 2019 71 97 402
SSC: Geometric shapes A sliver of sunshine through the window reflects off the metal chair legs. I converted to BW in Silver Efex, played a bit with the tone curves and added a red filter. The colour original is in the note.

Johanneskirche am Feuersee (PiP)

01 Mar 2017 20 38 662
Saturday Self Challenge: Vintage/Retro - take a new photo of your choice and make it look like it's from an earlier era This neogothic church was built 1864-76, looking over a fire water pond. I used a vintage filter in Color Efex Pro, then desaturated further and added more film grain, sepia tint and a frame. The 1st inset was done using Silver Efex Pro with the "old photographic plate" filter, he 2nd inset shows the original photo.

Shadows (PiP)

19 Jun 2018 25 51 383
SSC: High contrast in black and white Detail of an old gravestone, RAW conversion in Lightroom and edited in Silver Efex . Blown out highlights and blocked blacks are deliberate, though usually I tend to avoid them. In the note an older photo: detail of a block of flats by Mies van der Rohe.

#03 - Friedhofsengel

Nearly headless

21 Mar 2009 19 41 627
Statue in the rose garden of Schloss Rosenstein de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Schloss_Rosenstein

Bad Cannstatt

25 Mar 2012 80 109 536
Vom Belvedere, Wilhelma Stuttgart

Glass house

01 Aug 2009 60 74 1002
Stuttgart's "Wilhelma" was built in the mid 19th century by architect Karl Ludwig von Zanth (1796-1857) as a private garden for king Wilhelm I of Württemberg. The buildings are in "moorish" style and today are the centre piece of Germany's only zoological-botanical garden. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wilhelma Deutsch: www.wilhelma.de/de/park-und-geschichte/geschichte-der-wilhelma/19-jahrhundert.html

Fern House

21 Apr 2015 17 18 656
Entrance to the greenhouse for tree ferns at Stuttgart's Wilhelma en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wilhelma www.wilhelma.de/de/park-und-geschichte/historische-gebaeude/maurisches-landhaus.html


31 Oct 2017 49 90 725
www.wilhelma.de/de/park-und-geschichte/historische-gebaeude/wilhelmatheater.html HFF folks!

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