Northern Lights over Hadselfjord

Aurora borealis

Aurora off Berlevåg

13 Mar 2015 30 50 1041
Taken from Hurtigruten ship MS Vesterålen just off Berlevåg. In the circumstances -up to 8 Beaufort, we didn't manage to get into the harbour- this was the best I could come up with. One deck lower the camera got wet with sea spray.


06 Feb 2016 30 36 872
A brief moment of really strong activity at 10 p.m. in the Barents sea just off Berlevåg

Aurora over Silda

16 Feb 2020 65 87 372
Banging doors and trampling feet woke me up at 1 a.m. so I decided to investigate, taking my camera and tripod with me. I was glad I did as the official aurora announcement only came after the best was over and we few hardy photographers were able to shoot for a while without having our photos totally ruined by camera flash and bright mobile displays. Um ein Uhr nachts weckten mich Türenschlagen und Stiefelgetrappel auf, also schmiß ich mich in warme Klamotten und nahm Kamera und Stativ mit. Ein Glück, denn bis die offizielle Nordlichtdurchsage kam, war das Beste schon vorbei und wir paar unentwegten Fotografen konnten zwischenzeitlich in Ruhe Fotos machen, ohne dass Blitzlicht und helle Handydisplays die Bilder ruiniert hätten.

Aurora over Lopphavet

07 Feb 2016 60 93 1211
Lopphavet, a notoriously stormy stretch of sea, was exceedingly calm that day. Northern lights started early in the evening, this was taken at 6 p.m. near the island of Silda. Please view on black!

Loppa timelapse

07 Feb 2016 39 53 1092
My first ever timelapse, made from 196 photos using Picasa. It's a bit hectic because I kept changing my viewpoint too often but I hope it manages to give an impression. EXIF: Canon EOS 6D, Tokina 11-16: 16mm, f/2,8, ISO 5000, 1 sec-1.3 sec


02 Apr 2014 45 76 920
A brief break in the clouds afforded a view of the aurora over Skjervøy. When MS Polarlys left harbour it started snowing again... The star constellations explained by Ko:

A break in the clouds

18 Feb 2020 77 106 344
This was what I had been looking for in my previous photo, 2 hours later the break in the clouds was there:-) Danach hatte ich schon auf dem vorherigen Foto Ausschau gehalten, 2 Stunden später war's so weit:-)

Aurora over Ringvassøya (PiP)

06 Feb 2014 46 44 1136
7.52 p.m.- a night of Aurora watching started promising with a low arc and some more green behind the clouds. The idea was to have the northern lights reflected in the water and ice - it was not to be. See PiP!

Northern lights and starry sky (PiP)

07 Feb 2014 39 32 1016
3.26 a.m. on Kvaløya, on our way back to the hotel View PiP !

Lights over Tromsø

26 Oct 2016 59 97 481
Shot with Samyang 14mm f/2.8

Purple Flash

26 Oct 2016 59 83 812
The purple flash was so sudden and so extremely bright that it caught me unawares. I had no time to stop down or reduce the ISO and got quite a bit of lens flare. Shot with Samyang 14mm at F2.8. Colours of northern lights: Red- oxygen atoms at ca. 200km altitude, visible only at times of high solar activity Green- oxygen atoms at ca. 100 km altitude colliding with molecular nitrogen, the most common colour Blue/ purple - molecular nitrogen at lower altitudes, visible only at highest levels of solar activity and much faster than red and green Das lilafarbene Nordlicht schoß so plötzlich und extrem hell über den Himmel, dass ich keine Zeit mehr hatte, ISO oder Blende anzupassen (deshalb die Blendenreflexe). Mit Samyang 14mm und F2,8 aufgenommen. Farben der Nordlichter: Rot entsteht in ca. 200km Höhe durch Sauerstoffatome und ist nur bei hoher Sonnenaktivität sichtbar Grün entsteht in ca.10km Höhe durch mit anderen Teilchen kollodierte Sauerstoffatome und kommt am häufigsten vor Blau/ lila entsteht durch angeregte Stickstoffatome, dafür sind jedoch extrem starke magnetosphärische Störungen erforderlich.

Green veil

07 Feb 2014 25 26 984
10.59 p.m. - first tentative aurora to the east. The lights of Tromsø illuminate the sky on the left, the birches cast shadows in the moonlight.

Curtains (PiP)

07 Feb 2014 59 64 1247
11.52 p.m. - violet and green curtains in the north over Ersfjordbotn View PiP to see the lights move!


07 Feb 2014 32 30 1170
11.54 p.m. - two minutes after the previous photo, looking west along Kattfjorddalen


07 Feb 2014 26 28 859
11.28 p.m. - Aurora forecast was for 5 on the Kp-Index (solar storm). After a slow start the displays started getting better and better. View on black!

Kvaløya Lightshow (PiP)

07 Feb 2014 45 62 1009
Fast moving northern lights at a quarter to midnight - see inset pictures!

Green heart

08 Feb 2014 28 22 880
10-Week Picture Projects: Shapes, Week 5: Heart

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