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Winter an der Müritz

17 Dec 2022 38 26 101
A very belated happy New Year to all Ipernity friends. Sorry about my absence, Christmas and the start of the year have been busier than expected and now I'm off for a fortnight's holiday. See you in February!


26 Jul 2022 59 79 170
...gibt es nicht nur im Winter, sondern auch im Sommer auf Reiseflughöhe:-) Ich bin dann mal für ein paar Tage weg.

St. Lamberti

30 Dec 2021 35 47 115
Nachdem Volker die Außenansicht gepostet hat, musste ich doch meine Innenaufnahmen ausgraben... St, Lamberti in Münster ist der bedeutenste Sakralbau der westfälischen Spätgotik, erbaut zwischen 1375-1525.,_M%C3%BCnster

Blue rope

06 Mar 2022 16 12 63
Found some at the harbour in Brønnøysund;-)

Trondheim Sentralstasjon

11 Feb 2018 50 59 155
SC24: Railways A had to avail myself of an unpublished archive shot as I saw the challenge theme too late to get something new.

Raindrop bokeh

28 Dec 2021 36 47 118
On a miserable, cold and rainy day a museum visit was in order:-)

Festive Bokeh

09 Dec 2022 25 34 88
SSC: Bokeh-Scheiben Ein Stern aus Metall mit kleinen Glasperlen, mit einer Taschenlampe beleuchtet. Kamera manuell auf unendlich und ganz dicht rangegangen. Hier ein früheres Bokeh-Foto, als PiP habe ich eine neue Version mit der Q2 hinzugefügt:

Bergen Street Art

25 Feb 2022 40 40 109
EXIF: 1/100 • f/8.0 • 28.0 mm • ISO 100 LEICA CAMERA AG LEICA Q2 SUMMILUX 1:1.7/28 ASPH.

Shadow fence

22 Dec 2021 36 62 95
hFF and a good weekend to all Ipernity friends!

Midt i Norge

06 Mar 2022 43 38 132
A harbour shed at Brønnøysund, the coastal town in the geographical middle of Norway.


25 Feb 2022 43 61 133
The building from 1896 was more interesting than the exhibition about Bergen artists influenced by Impressionism...

Ospøytåna Fyr

08 Mar 2022 47 60 138
Ospøytåna Fyr is a new sector light on the skerries and reefs near Ospa Island. The old lighthouse didn't comply with IALA standards and had to be replaced. Ospøytåna on the nautical chart:


03 Aug 2022 52 74 146
Dettifoss, 45m high and 100m wide, is one of Europe's mightiest waterfalls. River Jökulsá a Fjöllum comes from the northern side of Vatnajökull and has carved a deep gorge (Jökulsárgljúfur) with several waterfalls.


12 Feb 2022 31 74 102
hFF folks, have a good weekend!


28 Jul 2022 42 44 119
One of the many glacial rivers coming down from Eyjafjallajökull that vehicles have to ford on the way to Þórsmörk.

River crossing

28 Jul 2022 22 34 82
On the road to Þórsmörk: ford over Jökulsá, the river originating from Gigjökull , an outlet glacier of Eyjafjallajökull. This is an adapted 4x4 that can adjust tyre pressure from within the car (see the cables leading to the tyres). Usually a driver has to get out of his car and reduce the pressure before going on mountain roads. A tyre of our bus (correct pressure, not a puncture):

Schillerdenkmal (1839)

22 Dec 2021 29 53 118
The statue of Friedrich Schiller was designed by classicist sculptor Bertel Thorvaldsen. The main photo is a crop from this one A different crop A wider view of Schillerplatz


31 Jul 2022 45 60 151
One of the many outlet glaciers of Vatnajökull seen from Höfn, two more in the notes. All are retreating at a rapid rate though Vatnajökull itself due to its enormous size of 8100 km² is expected to still be existence by the end of the century. It might be the only Icelandic glacier left by then if mankind doesn't manage to get a grip on itself - which sadly doesn't look likely after Cop27.-( Skálafellsjökull Heinabergsjökull

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