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  • Springtime in Purmamarca

  • Salinas Grandes del Noroeste (PiP)

    Salinas Grandes lie in the northeastern corner of Argentina at a height of ca. 3450m. They cover 212 km² and are traditionally mined for salt. Recent explorarion for lithium has led to conflict with the indigenous population whose water supplies are threa…

  • Rural NZ

    On the Pipiriki-Raetihi road, Mt.Ruapehu, Ngaurohoe and Tongariro in the background. HFF folks, have a good weekend!

  • Novice at Punakha Dzong

  • Filtered Sunlight

    TSC: Serenity

  • Valletta Balconies

  • mirror, mirror...

    TSC: Use a mirror, any way you like (in the note the original photo)

  • Thin air (PiP)

    A nameless pass at 4929m in the remote SW corner of Bolivia Ein namenloser Pass auf 4929m Höhe im abgelegenen südwestlichen Zipfel Boliviens

  • Gracias a la Vida

    SSC: Album Cover

  • Hung out to dry

    ...note the gas cylinders;-) HFF folks, stay safe and don't get too exuberant with the easing of restrictions:-)

  • #01 -Shadowy letters

    SH01: Accidental letters

  • Phoenicoparrus jamesi (2xPiP)

    James's flamingoes at Laguna Hedionda. The species was thought to be extinct until "rediscovered" in 1956 in the high Andes. James-Flamingo an der Laguna Hedionda. Man dachte, die Art sei ausgestorben, bis man si…

  • San Antonio del Nuevo Mundo (3xPIP)

    San Antonio del Nuevo Mundo was a mining town which at its peak in the 17th century had about 150.000 inhabitants. It is said that even in precolumbian times the Inca mined there for silver. When water repeatedly flooded the mine shafts the town and mines…

  • Battered, but still running (PiP)

    Colchani, Salar de Uyuni

  • Laguna Morijón and Volcán Uturuncu (PiP)

    6008m high Uturuncu made it into the news some time ago when scientists published a paper about a yearly uplift of 1-2cm over a 70km radius around the volcano. Subsequently Uturuncu was hyped as a supervolcano bringing doom to mankind.. That's not going t…

  • Gabelspaghetti

    MM 2.0- Gabel

  • Chickpea

    SSC: minimalism using one item for your subject alternative photo in clickable note

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