stoop 809


Nine stoop prints will be displayed at the Sesqui-Shop, 1008 Main St., Boise, ID during the month of April, 2014. Please stop by and see them! The older residential neighborhood where I live was Boise's first "suburban" development, platted in 1878, and developed mostly between the late-19th and mid-20th century. It bears little resemblance to the typical suburban residential developments built i…  (read more)

hula hoops

Gum bichromate over cyanotype.

shady stoop

Gum over cyanotype, with an extra blue gum layer on top. Wish I had cropped out that bright spot on the upper right corner :(

sit a spell

It's hot, but not as hot as it could be, and not nearly as hot as it's been other places this summer. Good time to sit in the shade...

stoop with topiary

Couldn't resist printing this. Gum over cyanotype. Digital capture; approx. 7inx10in.

tree and stoop

Gum bichromate over cyanotype on Fabriano Artistico soft press paper. Digital capture. Using an idea from nausk! for masking margins. Image size approx. 7inx10.5in.

crumbling stoop

Gum bichromate over cyanotype. An earlier version never looked right to me, but I'm pleased with this one (especially without the borders). Two gum layers, Ni azo yellow and quin. rose. The cyanotype was too dark (overexposed), so first I bleached it briefly in a dilute washing soda solution to lighten the shadow areas. That worked well, but required careful attention not to lose too much!

duotone stoop

Gum over cyanotype. A nice dense cyanotype layer with one coat of (edit) burnt umber gum bichromate. FA hot press paper. Another one that's been stewing in a drawer since January.

duplex 1

Twice as much fun!? 3-color gum bichromate using PB15:3 (Maimeri "cyan"), PY150 (Ni azo yellow), and PV19 (quin rose). A bit of color balance trouble lately...the gum gods are looking the other way.

duplex 2

Gum over cyanotype using PY150, PV19, and a final blue layer of PB15:3 (phthalo blue, red shade). Printed a few months ago and "maturing" in a drawer....
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