The Sunday Challenge ~collage

The Sunday Challenge

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  • The Sunday Challenge ~collage

    'Street Photography' This was on the list from before my time....I've been dying to try it.....Soooo out of my comfort zone ;) And what better place to give it a go than downtown Toronto :))) I can't wait to get out & do it again :D

  • The Sunday Challenge ~sunrise/sunset~

    CrAzY bUsY....had to use one from last summer...sorry :( Sunset at Sauble

  • The Sunday Challenge ~ground level~

    I rescued this Polyphemus moth one morning, brought him into the house so the birds wouldn't get him. Released him when it was dark. The wing span when open is between 4-5"..... one of the largest moths in Ontario. Another in notes....with open wings

  • TSC ~create an ad~

    Finally a day off to play :)))

  • The Sunday Challenge ~1, 3 or 5

    1 stack of 3 stones at Sauble Falls :)

  • The Sunday Challenge ~ textured~

    Thank you to Evelyn Flint for the textures used :)

  • TSC ~things that go together~

    ...what better on a Sunday morning, the last long weekend of the summer :))) ps....I have straws..... ;) ;)

  • The Sunday Challenge ~selective light~

    ...and of course a window :D

  • TSC ~something you own or wish you never bought, using an in camera technique~

    I decided to treat myself to a lovely bouquet of posies from the farmers market last week. $15 & they barely lasted 3 days! Won't be making that mistake again !!! I used in camera sepia for a vintage effect & just a touch of texture

  • The Sunday Challenge ~water, in any form~

    Can't shake this friggin' flu this one's from the archives I'll do my best to catch up on everyone :))

  • The Sunday Challenge ~ forced perspective

    ...well that was the hardest challenge yet !!! Thank goodness for my daughter & her boyfriend to lend a helping hand ;) I tell ya...if they didn't already think I was nuts...they sure do now !!! :))))

  • The Sunday Challenge ~the colour grey~

    ....what could be more grey than this gloomy wet weather we've been having ?! *** I just bought 30 minutes of wifi to do this, & share between 3 of us I will have to catch up with all of you when I get back ****

  • The Sunday Challenge ~halloween/spooky~

    Just got off the plane with absolutely NO idea what to do....& no time left to do it in.....thought for sure I'd be sittin' this one out....but I made it!! Sometimes these last minute concoctions turn out better than the planned ones :))) Happy Halloween…

  • The Sunday Challenge ~metallic/shiny~

    ...after a crazy busy week at the office.... I took the whisk out of the drawer last night, just like I was told =D sooc

  • The Sunday Challenge ~sepia~

  • The Sunday Challenge ~in the bathroom~

    ...played a little with this one, just to make it more interesting =D No one said anything about processing, so I had my way with it :)))) Have a fantabulous Sunday everyone !!

  • The Sunday Challenge ~pushing the boundaries~

    ...this week was challenging to say the least, so I resorted to as extreme a macro as I could possibly get. This is a teeny tiny little puff of a flower, no bigger than your pinky. From my trip to Cuba a month ago. ....oh ya, I cropped it to a square

  • The Sunday Challenge ~numbers~ favourite number & a storefront 'window' =D

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