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  • The Sunday Challenge ~cat~

    whew !! Almost didn't make it !! I don't do cats, don't know any cats, no cats nearby. Forgot I shot this sleepy one in the store window this week =D Busy day today, will return for commenting :))

  • chicken dance

    ...the writing's on the wall alright...the chickens are retaliating !! **note to self...your phone is a camera too ya know !! I saw this in town earlier today but returned later with my camera....duh !!

  • in pursuit of pigeons.....

    I took to the city centre Wednesday night in the hopes of finding pigeons in the park. What I found was the park was under construction. Just a slice of it remained further down. Pickins' were slim but at least I found some birds !!

  • The Sunday Challenge ~b&w 3 ways~

    My newest treasure, bought it second hand on Thursday night for $35 It's going in my shed as soon as I can get my apprentice electrician son to wire it up for me =D ...but for now, it will just hang here & look pretty ;)

  • The Sunday Challenge ~multiple exposure~

    I chose multiple exposure, as suggested by dsglass. I recently discovered this feature in my new camera....my old one didn't do it. So I have been having a little fun playing with it :))

  • NTSC, cuz I was too late for TSC

    ...darn, the sandbox got closed just before I could make it :( Beach volleyball. It was on the Olympic list, no players yet this morning. Sorry I missed you all this Sunday, but I'll catch up still...I always do ;)

  • The Sunday Challenge ~beverage~

  • The Sunday Challenge ~slogan~

    I decided to make my own....eating the props is half the fun =D Have a great Sunday everyone !!

  • The Sunday Challenge ~ random point

    The random point generator put me on these train tracks. I tried yesterday but the authorities were present & a big sign about safety & trespassing. So I gave up to try again today. Lucky me, no one to send me away today !! =D ....& I picked up a few rus…

  • The Sunday Challenge ~car

    TAXI ride in to the unknown..... I'm a little late, but I will catch up with everyone soon (hopefully on my lunch break)

  • The Sunday Challenge ~faces~

  • The Sunday Challenge ~hats~

    Last summer while at St. Jacobs farmers market, I took a photo of a table of hats for sale (in notes) This was one of them. I didn't buy it at the time, but the more I looked at the picture, the more I wished I had. So the search was on.... Later in the…

  • The Sunday Challenge ~heat~

    My baby boy turned 18 yesterday. He had friends over for a bonfire. This is how the country kids spend most weekends. We always have a growing stack of skids. Good times.

  • The Sunday Challenge ~half light~

  • The Sunday Challenge ~Liminal

    Well, it was a tough one for me this week. The more I read on the subject, the more confused I got. There's a lot of contradicting definitions out there. The one thing I kept going back to was transitioning...so here is my late interpretation. From bud t…

  • The Sunday Challenge ~the future~

    Post apocalypse, barren & empty of almost all life, a breath of hope for a brand new start - a clean slate. ...at least that was my interpretation ;) Hope you like it, it was fun to create :))) (this was actually my view out the window of the aircraft o…

  • The Sunday Challenge ~May 7~

    Take a photo of wherever we happen to be Saturday ....lucky me....Havana for the day...back to the beach today !!! (Just noticed the date...it's a new camera so the date & time are wrong...I took this picture yesterday, honest I did !!) I will try to cat…

  • The Sunday Challenge ~something that used to be something else~

    I actually do have my own personal set of tools, but I bought this toolbox with something else in mind. FLOWERS :)) (I'm not happy with the upload process today...it seems to be misbehaving. The quality/sharpness seems to be lacking) Well, by the sounds…

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