Eva Buijs' photos

  • U bein Bridge

    U bein Bridge at sunset - Mandalay, Myanmar (Burma). EXPLORED

  • Rhino at the golden hour

    White rhino at magic hour, Leshiba Wilderness - Limpopo, South Africa. EXPLORED

  • Ribolla Arts Route

    Female local artist painting on fabric, Ribolla Arts Route, Elim - Limpopo, South Africa. Please see notes in upper left corner for the enlargement + the colour version. I had posted them next to each other on Flickr and people seemed to prefer the B&W v…

  • Grootbos Nature Reserve

    Rain showers at dusk, Grootbos Nature Reserve, Gansbaai - Western Cape, South Africa. EXPLORED

  • Just hanging around

    Children along the Ribolla Arts Route - Limpopo, South Africa. EXPLORED

  • La Gomera

    View during one of the many beautiful hikes available at La Gomera. In the backdrop behind a blanket of clouds you can see Tenerife's volcano - La Gomera, Spain. EXPLORED

  • Sunset Shiluvari Lake

    Limpopo - South Africa. EXPLORED

  • Asian Buffalo

    Buffalo in a Shan village in the hills around Hsipaw - Shan State, Myanmar (Burma). Please see note (the enlargement) in upper left corner for better details. EXPLORED

  • On the playground

    Kids at a kindergarden school in Elim along the Ribolla Arts Route, Limpopo - South Africa. EXPLORED

  • Angthong Marine NP

    View after a steep climb at one of the 42 islands in Angthong Marine Park, Gulf of Thailand - Thailand. EXPLORED

  • Township Girls

    Khayelitsha township, Cape Town - South Africa. EXPLORED

  • A family affair

    Elephant family at Elephant Nature Park, a rescue sanctuary near Chiang Mai - Thailand. EXPLORED

  • Lovely Lucca

    Piazza dell' Anfiteatro, Lucca - Tuscany, Italy. EXPLORED

  • Blue eyed girl

    Coreglia Antelminelli, Tuscany - Italy (best viewed large size on black)

  • Inner Peace

    Haad Salat, Koh Phangan - Thailand. Best viewed in large on black. EXPLORED

  • Food Art

    Crusty prawns & squid with mango, shallot and cilantro at Roots Restaurant - Gauteng, South Africa. Best viewed on black (large size) by pressing Z.

  • La Gomera

    View of the rocky mountain peak at La Gomera - Canarian Islands, Spain. EXPLORED

  • African Penguins

    African penguins on a boulder at Boulders Beach in Simon's Town - Cape Peninsula, Western Cape, South Africa. EXPLORED

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