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The Tüfek model 56K, Kısa Piyade Tüfeği; translating as Rifle model 56K, Short Infantry Rifle, is a Turkish carbine. Developed at 1956, it uses 7.62x39mm rounds and uses standard AKM/47-type magazines. The rifle itself is an amalgam of various rifles, such as: G3, AKM, and several various Western designs. Its appearance is quite similar to that of an AK but it is by no means one.

It uses a long-stroke piston system, and has a porthole in gas tube, and from that hole the piston is visible. Attached to it, is a charging handle. This was done, due to the piston rifles getting easily hot. With this, such a problem was easily solved. The KPT also comes with a special gas block, which makes the rifle burn more powder before the bullet entering the barrel, and results in great velocities.

It has a button and a large lever for magazine release, both of them making it easy for the user to work it around. It makes usage of peep sights and the rear one is adjustable for ranges between 100-300 meters.

Its receiver is milled and quite reinforced generally, which makes for more weight and cost to produce but much greater durability and accuracy. Same can be said for gas assembly.

The stock is a folding one and has a wooden cheek rest and buttpad on it, making it quite comfortable. Stock folds to both sides and it's possible to fire the rifle with the stock folded to the right.

Although the original variants only had an AK-type rail mount, all variants were later upgraded and have rail systems, like this one here. One can use the AK-type rail mounts still with these rails on.

Overall these rifles are known to be surprisingly pleasant shooters, and are a great asset for those who want a powerful rifle in a small package.
Yeah, this is subcompact variant of T56 GAPT, which is the standard-issue variant of T-56A OPT. This is also slightly inspired by another rifle I had made in the past. All in all I like it, I hope you also do! :)
Also, this is how it looks when it's on safe.

Dethklaus has particularly liked this photo

Just had one note of possible feedback, but otherwise I like this!
Variants are great.
3 years ago.
Badgerislav Copperberg
Badgerislav Copperbe…
3 years ago.