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Kings Canyon - Rae Lakes Backpack

46 mile trek in three days up Woods Creek and out Bubbs Creek in Kings Canyon National Park, Aug 3-5 2012.

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03 Aug 2012 54
Heading into the canyons from Roads End, Kings Canyon National Park.

Rae Lakes 02

03 Aug 2012 50
Neck straining mile high granite walls and peaks surround you on the way in.

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Rae Lakes 04

03 Aug 2012 33
Rising up the Woods Creek trail, looking back at a feature called The Sphinx which rises above our entry trail.

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Rae Lakes 06

03 Aug 2012 40
Woods Creek near Mist Falls.

Rae Lakes 07

03 Aug 2012 40
Paradise Valley.

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Rae Lakes 09

03 Aug 2012 48
Castle Domes, up around 7,800 feet.

Rae Lakes 10

03 Aug 2012 47
Castle Domes Meadow.

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Rae Lakes 12

03 Aug 2012 62
Hard to appreciate the scale in this photo, but on this mountain across Woods Creek, a house sized granite slab had slid down, cutting a swath through tall mature trees and exploding the area at bottom, probably due to snowpack coming down with it at the time.

Rae Lakes 13

03 Aug 2012 47
A very shaky suspension bridge at the Woods Creek South Fork junction.

Rae Lakes 14

04 Aug 2012 72
I camped at this spot at about 8,500 feet with perfect weather and no bear harassment. The next night would not be so perfect.

Rae Lakes 15

04 Aug 2012 51
More shots of the bridge. Didn't Hurley and Charlie cross this on Lost? Or was it Indiana Jones?

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Rae Lakes 17

04 Aug 2012 52
Resuming the hike the next day up South Fork Woods Creek toward the Rae Lakes.

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