• Mercat

    This photograph was taken at the Sydney Zoo with my 35mm Zenit 300mm lens photosnapier.

  • Rahja

    The eye of the Tiger, this beautiful Male Tiger caught my eye at the Sydney Zoo, this picture taken with my 35 mm Zenit 300 mm lens photosnapier set on ISO 400 camera, this camera gave you the ability to have the foreground and background blurred while m…

  • Mercat

    Taken at the Sydney Zoo in 1990

  • Koala

  • Female Roo & Joey

    Some kids will just hang around forever, this joey is so big it just cant fit inside mum's pouch.

  • Jaime & Katie

    Jaime with one of her horses called Katie

  • Beautiful Burmese

    These lovely Burmese cats belong to a friend of mine, I have just built them a Cat Palace fully enclosed it is 18 meters long and 2.1 meters high and wide, with areas where they can lay in the sun completely safe, this was taken on the day I finished the…