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  • Creepy face in pond

    This is creepy, I realised after moving my pictures off my camera to my computer that I had a creepy face in the middle of the pond

  • Young Water Dragon

  • Bronzewing sunbaking

  • A Dragon in a Bird Bath

    A Water Dragon climbs up the tree in my yard and jumps into the bird bath, sometimes spending up to two or more hours frolicking in the water.

  • Orb Weaver Spider

  • Come fly with me.

    These Hang Gliders were up enjoying the thermals and up drafts from the cliffs at Cape Byron NSW.

  • Now, that's a Harley

    This beautifully restored 1971 Shovelhead Harley Davidson belongs to my Daughter and Son in Law, a great looking machine.

  • Stormy Sunrise

    Stormy Sunrise over the Coomera River Queensland

  • Mud Wasp

    Mud Wasp, what an amazing little engineer.

  • Bronzewing Pigeons

    This beautiful pair of Pigeons nest each year at my home, they are cooling off under the micro sprinklers

  • Common Turn

    This is a new bird on the Coomera River, I haven't seen this one on the river before, normally seen out on the coastal areas.

  • Cape Byron Light House

    Cape Byron Light House NSW, the furthest point East in Australia, blowing a gale but well worth a look also saw some whales.

  • Super Moon November 2016

    The November 2016 Super Moon as seen from the Coomera River Queensland, it looked enormous and won't be seen again this close to Earth until 2032, closest since 1948

  • Happy Halloween

    Happy Halloween,...Haaa haaa.

  • Blue Wing Kookaburra

    One of the many Blue Wing Kookaburras that feed in my yard.

  • Young Kookaburras

    These are two of the very young Kookaburras that have recently taken up residence in my yard, keeping my yard free from snakes.

  • Killer Cockatoo

    "Kill a Snake !, who me "

  • Male Spangled Drongo

    I am fascinated by the wonderful blue/silver sheen on this well groomed bird.

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