my home planet

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marooned on a strange planet

hello base? we've got a problem here. I read you, scout team. what is it? we're stuck on this miserable excuse for a planet, and don't know how to get off. you might have to send in a rescue team. what do you mean? just beam up like usual. yeah, well, we'd love to, but we sort of lost our device. whaddya mean, you sort of lost it? well, you see, they have these things here called cell phones? so? well, we accidentally picked up one of those, and left our device on a park bench. dammit! yeah, when we went b…

I, robot



critical mass

nice leather. thanks dude. nice mohawk. yeah. like your pierced fingers, as well. toes too! sweet.


they see us


it rains on alpha centauri, too

dday +1

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