Great Britain

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the cell leader says the action is tonight. what's the signal? do you have security clearance? of course. level 6. ok. I'll call you. you bring the paint. I hope they like red. that'll stand out a bit around here, won't it? it's a surprise, so don't tell them. my lips are sealed.


it's time. where is he? don't worry. he'll be here. how will we recognize him? he'll be feeding the pigeons. hell, everybody's feeding the damn pigeons. and wearing a clown nose. oh, that's subtle. was that your idea? it's much easier than trying to remember a stupid code word. so when can I take off this ridiculous batman costume? whaddya mean? it looks great on you. espionage just isn't what it used to be. yeah, but you'll get over it. unfortunately. now pass me one of those donuts. ok, but not the chocol…