tell me no lies

you got one chance to come clean, bruno. it's here, marcel. I swear it. you better be tellin' the truth. otherwise. . . no, it's true. it's here. I'll find it. it better be soon. ok. gimme a half hour. you got 10 minutes. I suggest you start moving. I gotta ask. what if I can't find it? I advise you not to even think of that possibility. no? it scares, even me. and I don't scare easy. you are a tough guy, marcel. that's what my momma says. yeah, she told me that last night.

the good student

I'm ready for my lesson. what lesson is that? sand writing, of course. right. that lesson. well, you said it can only be learned without clothes. I said that? and I believed you. as you should, at all times.


bust a deal, face the wheel

I don't want to go out there. I know. but you have no choice. is there anything I can do? maybe there was before. but you blew it. and that's it? that's it, I'm afraid. kind of harsh, isn't it? life is harsh in these times, friend. I ain't your friend. tell me something I don't already know.

vick likes kiefer

it's an allegory, right? without a doubt. the enemy of my enemy is my friend. wow! I see it! you are so deep! forget it. it was nothing. literally nothing.


45th parallel

halfway between the equator and the north pole. means nothing to me. why not? I feel like I'm halfway between heaven and hell. you don't say. and I don't like the direction I seem to be heading. from what I can see, I don't blame you. your faith in me is encouraging. you're welcome. I was being sarcastic. I wasn't.



man, when will this fog ever lift? what gives you the idea that this is fog, son? well, I don't know. . . it looks like fog. it's them. make no mistake. they're here. them? it's gonna be a battle of civilizations, count on it. but. . . to the winner goes the spoils. in this case, earth. what are you talking about? you doubt me? just take a walk down the beach. there? you won't come back. at least not in human form. it can't be. stay and watch. this is gonna be messy. but I'm on vacation! yeah, I know. real…



hey, buddy. can you spare a buck? I can't believe it. you're panhandling on the beach? well, I can't swim, so I gotta stop here. but we're trying to enjoy this sunset. yeah, me too. and I'd enjoy it alot more for a buck.



what's this, boris? it's a subpoena, comrade. a subpoena? from who? you're being called before the workers' committee on internal security and morality. I am? what'd I do? well, let me ask you. have you been watching any james bond movies lately? I suppose. I thought so. it's your blog, comrade. my blog? what about it? let's just say that some interested parties don't like you calling it 'pussy galore.' oh, they don't? not so much. oh.


blow on it. if it's all the same to you, herr doktor, I'd rather not. I have allergies. it's ok. you can do it. this is my special creation. you created this? it kinda big, isn't it? yes. and these seeds will spread for miles. but they are unique in nature. really? what's in 'em? each seed carries a specially engineered genetic code, that will allow me to control the minds of all who breathe the pollen. soon, I will rule the world! no kidding. I gotta say, that's pretty ingenious, herr doktor. I know. I kno…
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